How our Fresh Centerpieces are Made

November 14, 2019  •  2 min read  •  2 comments

The centerpiece. Such a simple concept, but with it comes a world of possibilities! As the name indicates, centerpieces are the center, the focal point, the pièce de résistance of a table or room, adding life and festivity to celebrations and gatherings throughout our year. They can be ornate and elegant, or rustic and natural, but always eye-catching and beautiful. Centerpieces are a simple yet impactful way to enliven our spaces and bring the beauty of the outdoors into our homes and workplaces. They add that extra little something - a WOW factor that delights and impresses. Whatever the occasion, holiday centerpieces brighten our lives and homes!

While centerpieces are enjoyed year-round, they are most often displayed and shared during the holiday season. Here at Lynch Creek Farm, we specialize in designing gorgeous fresh evergreen centerpieces that are perfect for fall and winter gatherings, celebrations, and especially Christmas! Our elegant centerpieces are made from live evergreens grown right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, from the foothills of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Our fresh greenery includes noble fir, cedar, white pine, and holly. They bring beauty and a wonderful fragrance to all the spaces they inhabit, so your homes smell like a northwest forest.

A lot of care goes into creating an elegant, signature Lynch Creek Farm centerpiece. To begin, an artisan places a container filled with floral foam on the crafting table. Next, an abundance of fresh and fragrant greens are added and arranged to form the lush and full base of the centerpiece. Many species of greens may be used depending on the design and style of the arrangement. The fresh materials are hand-selected, trimmed and placed in accordance with the centerpiece’s unique design. Once the evergreen base (we call this a “greenback” here at the farm) is complete, it is ready to receive its beautiful decorative elements. The decorations are carefully placed, adding festive charm and character. A bow or a few tucks (which are smaller, single or double loop bows) are used to enhance the design, and some centerpieces even have candles to light up your holiday table. Now that the centerpiece is all dressed up, it is off to the shipping department where it will be quality checked because it definitely has holiday plans and wants to get moving! A final inspection ensures every piece is in place, adjusted and looking its best. Pillar candles are placed in their own boxes to ensure they arrive without a scratch. The Christmas centerpiece, after being placed into a beautiful signature Lynch Creek Farm box, is now complete and on its way to that special customer’s front door.

Wonderful examples of our fresh centerpieces include the very popular Northwest Pillar, Classic Christmas, and Granda's Cottage centerpieces.

Whatever statement you’re wanting to make this holiday season, with your own decor or by sending an exquisite gift, a fresh Lynch Creek Farm evergreen centerpiece is sure to deliver. With so many style options from charming to striking, we’d love to provide you with the perfect centerpiece to highlight the beauty of your holiday season!