Christmas Wreaths for Sale

October 01, 2022  •  3 min read

Christmas Wreaths for Sale 

Christmas season must-haves include a Christmas tree with warm white lights, greenery centerpieces to accentuate your holiday feast, and a lavish multicolor Christmas wreath that signifies a change of season and holiday celebrations. We have over 300 holiday decorations to choose from, guaranteeing you’ll find something to look great and complement whatever home decor style you love. In addition to wreaths, you’ll find other holiday decors to accessorize your home including swags, evergreen garlands, and tabletop Christmas trees. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also just launched a new dried floral wreath collection that introduces indoor magnolia, eucalyptus, sunflowers, and other floral wreaths for spring, fall, and summer, as well as the special holidays we celebrate in the midst like Mother’s Day and Easter.

Outdoor Christmas Wreaths That Flourish Outside

While we sell home decor products for all seasons, this post centers specifically on Christmas wreaths, featuring some of our bestselling holiday wreaths and how to maintain them after they’ve arrived at your door. We want to provide you with the most beautiful holiday season decor and tutorials on how to keep them lasting throughout the season. While many of you might want to put them inside your homes, which is perfectly fine if you do, the way to get the most out of your Christmas decorations is to place them in the shade outside. These fresh Christmas wreaths flourish outdoors; if you care for them properly, they can easily last the entire season.

Christmas wreath with metallic red berries, pine cones, bay leaves on fir, pine and cedar base


How to Care For Your New Holiday Wreath

Hanging your wreath outside in a fantastic location away from direct sunlight will help extend the life of your wreath, along with spritzing the wreath with water every couple of days. Wreaths absorb water through their cut ends, so spraying them with water will help them last longer and stay more fragrant over time. You can hang your wreath on the front door using a wreath hanger or door hanger, on a barn or a fence outside, on a mailbox, or light post. If you wish to keep your wreath inside, keep it away from heat sources like vents, fireplaces, and other open flames. The wreath will last indoors for approximately three weeks if you follow the proper care.


Handcrafted Wreaths with Beautiful Decorations

We only use fresh and long-lasting materials to make our holiday wreaths and other evergreen products. The entire process is carefully thought out, and we guarantee you get the highest quality products when you order from us. Many of our beautiful wreaths are adorned with lovely Christmas decor like red berries, pinecones, frosted bristles, snowflakes, and multicolor ornaments and figurines. Try some fun DIY decor like LED lights, flowers such as faux poinsettias, and tinsel to our unlit wreaths to create a unique look for your wreath.


Holiday wreath made of noble fir, white pine, incense cedar, and juniper with ponderosa pine cones, red rosehip/mini pine cone clusters, faux berry clusters, red cardinal, a mini plaid birdhouse, and a red and black plaid bow hanging on a white brick wall


Ready to get started? Have fun perusing our website to find your favorite wreath to have delivered to your door. Some of our best sellers that sell out every year are the Nordmann Wreath, Believe in Magic, Brilliant Berries, Premium Burgundy, and Wildlife Adventure. None of these wreaths are pre-lit, so adding your battery-operated clear lights will give them that extra sparkle. If you’re looking for specific berry wreaths, options like Cascade Christmas, Cobalt Christmas, and Pacific Pepperberry are perfect. For the best holiday home decor, accessories, FAQs, and contact information visit us online; all you need is your credit card and some joyful anticipation before your beautiful Christmas wreath arrives at your door!