Christmas Wreaths for Your Windows

July 11, 2022  •  3 min read

Christmas Wreaths for Your Windows

Finding window decor for your home doesn’t have to be hard, and when you shop with us at Lynch Creek Farm, you really can’t go wrong when trying to find that perfect Christmas wreath to place on your window. A wreath is the best Christmas decoration to signify the changing season and all the fun that Christmastime brings. Here at the farm, we have everything you need to make finding and purchasing the most beautiful and high-quality Christmas wreath easy and enjoyable.

Outdoor Christmas Wreaths with Lots of Decorations

If you’re looking for decor for the outside of your window, we have over 50 different outdoor Christmas wreaths to choose from, all with an array of decorations like multicolor Christmas ornaments, burlap, and red bows, red berries, battery-operated LED lights and white lights, frosted pinecones, and small plush figurines like cardinals and birdhouses. Whatever you’re in the market for, we guarantee we have it here!

If you’re interested in a fancier, show-stopping display with vivid colors, we have the perfect wreaths for you. Window wreaths like Brilliant Berries, Premium Red, and Pacific Pepperberry all bring tons of color and pop to your window or door.

  Brilliant Berries                                                                                                      Pacific Pepperberry


Classic Holiday Wreath Favorites

For those of you looking for simpler designs and classic looks, we have beautiful options. Wreaths like Three Cedars and Holiday Berries are perfect for a simpler look and a potential DIY project with your own decorations if you’re wanting to get creative. For the transition period between fall and winter, we have gorgeous fall wreaths that have notes of Christmas among the greenery. Shop for this look with wreaths like Washington Winter and Blended Bay that transition beautifully from fall to Christmas. Other holiday wreaths that are favorites every holiday season are Touch of Holly and Premium Burgundy, both options that are perfect for saying Merry Christmas or welcome inside for a festive time with food and drink.

Touch Of Holly                                                                                                              Three Cedars


Wreaths for the Inside or Outside of Your Home

Many of these berry wreaths are better suited for outdoor use on your exterior windows or as door wreaths on the front door but you are more than welcome to bring them inside and place them wherever you see fit. This could be inside of the window frame or at the top of the window with a wreath hanger, command hook, or even some sturdy decor suction cups. If you’re looking for other decor ideas for your home this year, we also offer plenty of other holiday decor including centerpieces, tabletop Christmas trees, swags, and Christmas garlands filled with evergreen greenery that smells as good as it looks. All of these beautiful decorations we make in-house year-round and are perfect for decorating your living room, dining room, and offices if a little holiday cheer is needed where you work.

Whether you’re searching for just the right home decor for your front porch, or you’ve flocked to us time and time again to decorate the inside of your home, here at Lynch Creek Farm we are proud to be the ones who deliver you gorgeous handmade decorations to celebrate the best time of the year. We’re always working hard to create decor that tops what we sold last year and straight from our house to yours. You’ll only get the best of the best decor made from sustainably-sourced and fresh, long-lasting materials assembled with care for you and your home.