Fresh Christmas Wreaths: A Fresh Twist on an Old Tradition

July 28, 2022  •  3 min read

Fresh Christmas Wreaths: A Fresh Twist on an Old Tradition

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and decorations! One of the most popular Christmas decorations is the fresh evergreen wreath. Holiday greenery, like noble fir wreaths, swags, garland, and Christmas trees, have been a part of Christmas tradition for centuries, and there are many different ways to display them. Here, we will discuss the history of wreaths and show you how to order a fresh Christmas wreath that will add a new twist to your holiday decor!

What Is The History Behind Wreaths?

The history of wreaths dates back to ancient times. Wreaths were initially made from evergreen plants and symbolized strength and endurance. The word "wreath" comes from the Old English word "writha," which means "circle." Wreaths were often used as crowns or status symbols in ancient Rome. Wreaths were also used as funeral decorations in ancient Greece. It was not until the 16th century that wreaths became associated with Christmas.

Choosing Lynch Creek Farm For Your Wreaths This Holiday Season

While you can always shop on Amazon or Wayfair for cheap holiday decorations, if you want natural, hand-crafted, quality wreaths, Lynch Creek Farm is the place to go. We are a family-owned and operated business and we’ve been hand making fresh Christmas wreaths for over 30 years. Our fresh-cut wreaths are made from noble fir which are Fraser fir like branches and adorned with natural pinecones, red berries, fresh greens, and ribbons. With such a wide variety, from boxwood wreaths, berry wreaths, floral wreaths, and fresh boxwood wreaths to greenery wreaths and lavender wreaths, there is no shortage of choices for your front door or holiday decor this season.

How Can I Order A Fresh Christmas Wreath?

If you are interested in ordering a fresh Christmas wreath, you should keep a few things in mind.

Choose A Size

First, choose a size that will fit well with the rest of your holiday decorations. You'll want to make sure the wreath is proportional to the space it will be hung in and matches your current home decor. Our standard 26” wreaths are perfectly sized for front doors. The Touch of Holly wreath is a perfect example of a beautiful 26” size wreath for Christmas. Most of our wreaths, including the Premium Red, also come in a stunning 32” size that works well in larger spaces such as big walls, fences, and barns. 

Christmas wreath made of noble fir and variegated holly with 4 country-berry clusters and a red brushed-linen bowHoliday wreath made of noble fir, incense cedar, juniper, and salal leaves with ponderosa pine cones, faux red berry clusters, ball clusters, and a red bow on a wooden background

 Touch of Holly                                                                                                      Premium Red

Decide On Greenery

Second, decide what type of greenery you would like. There are many different evergreens to choose from, including pine, noble fir, cedar, and juniper. Our Woodland Bells wreath is a mixed of many evergreens and smells wonderfully fragrant. The natural and elegant Three Cedars wreath is a mixture of several types of cedar.

Holiday wreath made of noble fir, incense cedar, white pine, and California bay leaves with 6"- 8" white pine cones, burnished silver bells hanging from a jute string, and a navy blue brushed linen bow close up

 Woodland Bells                                                                                                      Three Cedars


Choose A Style To Match Your Holiday Decor

Third, select a style that matches your Christmas decorating theme. Once you have made these decisions, choose your preferred style. Then, in the checkout, select the approximate ship out date that works best for you. All of our wreaths are made to order to ensure that your wreath will be fresh and beautiful for the holidays! 

Order Your Holiday Wreath Today

With Lynch Creek Farm, you can start the holiday season off right with beautiful and lively wreaths that will decorate your front porch for guests when they visit. You won't have to worry about DIY your wreath or searching through tons of companies this year because we're here!

Plus, with our incredible selection - from garlands to centerpieces, there's something perfect no matter what type of event or decor goals someone might be looking into achieving this holiday season.