Outdoor Springs Wreaths to Celebrate the Changing Seasons

April 21, 2022  •  3 min read

Outdoor Springs Wreaths to Celebrate the Changing Seasons

When spring is finally upon us, there is no better way to welcome warmer weather and wildflowers than to find home decor that matches the new season outside. While we at Lynch Creek Farm are known for our fabulous and vibrant fall and winter decorations, we also have trending seasonal decor throughout the entire year that’s perfect for your living room, entryway front door, kitchen, and anywhere you see fit to decorate. Below, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite outdoor spring wreath options to decorate as inside front door decor, dining room, or in a hallway during summer and springtime.

Outdoor Spring and Summer Wreath Options

Suppose you’re someone who likes to have an indoor or outdoor wreath hanging during all the seasons of the year, or you enjoy celebrating holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and even the 4th of July. In that case, you’ll love these fresh indoor and front door wreath options we have for you. Our Fresh Wreaths Collection has live wreaths made with fresh evergreens and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, while our Dried Floral Collection has dried botanical wreaths that are perfect for indoor use during any season of the year, particularly spring and summer.

We’d like to highlight a few of our favorites starting with the fresh Royal Berries wreath. This is a fall or winter evergreen berry wreath that has branches of beautiful faux blueberries and sprigs of striking white berries. These berries sit atop fresh noble fir, white pine, incense cedar, and bay leaves. Our Star Bright wreath is a minimal wreath that’s a good option for any future DIY projects. It’s made with fresh evergreen, noble fir, and cedar and has a giant removable LED star that sits in the middle. Another great DIY option if you’re looking to add some of your favorite spring decor like real or faux flowers, green leaves, and fruits is the Three Cedars wreath, a beautiful wreath made with western red cedar, incense cedar, and Port Orford cedar. We welcome creativity and opportunities to make these fall and winter wreaths your own with beautiful faux spring flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, forsythia, or white tulips. In case you want to design one of our wreaths to make your unique faux tulip wreath, daisy wreath, peony wreath, and any other wildflower wreaths that use your favorite colors and personal touches.

Dried Floral Wreath Collection

While we specialize in live greenery wreaths for the holidays, we also want to offer our customers the opportunity to add more spring floral decor to their homes, which is why we offer our Dried Floral Wreath Collection of botanical wreaths. This collection includes over 20 flower wreaths, garden wreaths, spring floral wreaths, summer wreaths that include pastels, dried flowers and plants, fruits, and many other elements that bring springtime right to your home. This collection is recommended for indoor use, and the wreaths will brighten any home all through spring.

Springtime Indoor Wreaths Perfect for Decorating Your Home

Even though we don’t recommend displaying our dried floral wreaths outside as front door wreaths since rain can damage them, they can easily be enjoyed on the inside of the door with a wreath hanger, so you can see them whenever you leave your home. Regardless of where you would display yours, here are a few of our spring favorites. Sunflower Season, a sunflower wreath adorned with eucalyptus, yellow coxcomb, white statice (white flowers), red globe amaranthus, salal leaves, and real sunflowers. Another spring bestseller is the Lavender Delight Gift Set, which includes a lavender wreath and a matching bouquet wrapped in Kraft paper. We also love our Forever Zinnia wreath, adorned with pink and yellow zinnia flowers, purple globe amaranthus, and bleached sudangrass. This would be a great option as an Easter wreath or Mother’s Day wreath. We also offer eucalyptus wreaths, grapevine wreaths, and other options that include magnolias, bay leaves, pumpkins, etc.

The Perfect Wreath for Your Home

At Lynch Creek Farm, our collections don’t include artificial wreaths with artificial flowers or fake plants that you might find on Amazon or the National Tree Company. We ensure all of our products are made sustainably, with materials that are grown, harvested, and assembled by hand and in a manner that produces the most beautiful wreaths available anywhere. Thank you for shopping with us today for the best home decor for spring, summer, and the holidays. We are sure you will find the perfect wreath for your home or to send to someone special.