Spring and Summer Door Decor for the New Season Ahead

April 25, 2022  •  3 min read

Spring and Summer Door Decor for the New Season Ahead

Spring has finally sprung, and with it comes sunnier days, warmer weather, and sweet-smelling wildflowers. For those who enjoy decorating for springtime, our collection of spring Dried Floral Wreaths is sure to excite anyone who enjoys spring decor in their home. The collection consists of over 20 unique spring, floral, and fall wreaths meant to help you celebrate big holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, and all the moments in between. While the new collection is better suited for indoor use, there are plenty of areas inside your home to display one of these beautifully handcrafted spring wreaths.

Floral Wreaths With Lavender, Sunflowers, and Larkspur

Let’s take a sneak peek inside the spring floral wreath collection and see what we offer. For spring and summertime lovers, we have a few perfect spring flower wreath options. One of them is Garden Romance, a handcrafted wreath that consists of dried integrifolia, white larkspur, English lavender, pink phalaris, and white statice. Forever Zinnia will also be a fan favorite flower wreath for its beautifully preserved pink and yellow zinnia flowers, purple globe amaranthus, and Avena oats. These are great options to use as Easter Wreaths because of their bright colors and floral accents. Place them near all the Easter decorations inside or in the kitchen for added color. If you’re a fan of lavender, the Lavender Delight Gift Set comes with a lavender bouquet and a small 10-inch dried lavender wreath. For those who get giddy about sunflowers, we’ve created 3 different products that scratch that itch, Sunflower Duet, Sunflower Season, and Sunflower Moon. Sunflower Season is a 22-inch sunflower wreath, the duet product consists of two 10-inch wreaths hanging from a hand-tied grosgrain navy blue bow, and Sunflower Moon is an 18-inch crescent-shaped floral wreath that resembles a crescent moon.


Garden Romance

Greenery Wreaths Perfect for Creating Your Own DIY Flower Wreath

Each of the gorgeous sunflower products is adorned with eucalyptus, yellow coxcomb, white statice, red globe amaranthus, salal leaves, and beautiful and bright yellow sunflowers. The new home decor collection also includes other exciting wreaths like Burst of Glory and American Charm, making them the best options for a fun Fourth of July celebration. We also have lovely Thanksgiving wreaths and fiery red and orange options made for the fall season. For those looking for a quieter design with fewer decorations, We also offer greenery wreaths like Sweet Huck, made with sweet huckleberry, and Classic Green Myrtle, made with myrtle leaves. These are the best green wreaths for decorating your DIY wreath with your choice of flowers like peonies, dahlias, lilac, and any other kinds of foliage you’re interested in. This is a great way to make your rose wreath, peony, tulip wreath, forsythia, lilac, dahlia, dogwood, boxwood, egg wreath, or hydrangea wreath to put up as front door decor.


American Charm

Outdoor Wreath Options from the Winter Collection

Again, while this collection is recommended for indoor use, we have a few options from our fall and winter wreath collection that would be perfect for the front door, including Star Bright and Three Cedars, classic spring or summer wreaths that don’t have too many decorations on them. Another excellent option for a front door wreath is Pacific Sunset, a vibrant berry wreath made up of small cream-colored pumpkins, acorns, green leaves, pinecones, berries, sage, and a beautiful linen bow. We are also known for our bestselling Christmas and fall wreaths, including magnolia wreaths, eucalyptus wreaths, leaf wreaths, and grapevine wreaths that include beautiful decorations like burlap bows, figurines, berries, and frosted decorations. We also offer wreath hangers, LED lights, and other accessories that’ll only enhance your experience with your products.


Pacific Sunset

With Amazon, artificial wreaths with artificial flowers/ faux flowers are the norm. At Lynch Creek Farm, our products are made with naturally and locally planted, sourced, and harvested materials. While the holiday wreath collection might have a few faux elements here and there, the evergreen wreaths are made with natural materials and meant to last for at least 6 weeks outdoors with the proper care and maintenance. We are the only place to shop for all of your year-round decorating needs!