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Magnolia Bay


On-trend and naturally gorgeous, magnolia evokes feelings of nostalgia and the elegance and charm of the south. We combined these lustrous and beautiful magnolia leaves with bright bay leaves to create the stylish and new Magnolia Bay wreath. The leaves are assembled amongst a base of fresh noble fir, cedar, and pine, with charming ponderosa and Australian pine cones completing the sweet ensemble. This natural, simple, and classy wreath brightens any home. Available in 26" & 32" sizes.

Materials: noble fir, cedar, and pine with bay and magnolia leaves, 6 ponderosa pine cones, and 4 Australian pine cones
Weight: 26'' is approximately 8 lbs; 32'' is approximately 12 lbs
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors and 4-6 weeks outdoors, with regular watering

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