• Vintage Blue
  • Vintage Blue
  • Vintage Blue
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Vintage Blue


With a unique combination of ripe berries, silver balls, and blue bows, this bountiful blue holiday centerpiece is an elegant addition to any home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year! This lovely piece includes blueberry clusters and silver balls which are snuggled into a fresh spray of evergreens that include noble fir, pine and cedar. Pine cones peak out adding extra rustic charm, and a rich navy-blue brushed-linen bow ties all the festivity together. This full and fragrant ensemble comes in a grey vintage-style wood container with metal edges. Measures 11" x 11" x 11" high.

Materials: noble fir, cedar, and pine with 5 ponderosa pine cones, 3 faux blueberry clusters, a silver ball cluster, 1 navy-blue brushed linen bow tuck, and a grey vintage wood container with metal edges
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors and 4-6 weeks outdoors, with regular watering

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