Pacific Bay Centerpiece

Over the years, the Pacific Bay Centerpiece has become a Christmas favorite and one of our best selling holiday centerpieces. This traditional centerpiece arrangement combines a delightful blend of fresh noble fir, cedar, and pine with beautiful green bay leaves. Two bright candles light up the centerpiece while Ponderosa pine cones and faux berries add the perfect touches. This lovely classic is sized at approximately 14" x 18". Available in red or burgundy.

Materials: noble fir, pine, incense cedar and bay leaves with 6 egg sized Ponderosa pine cones, 6 red berry clusters and 2 red 12" taper candles
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors when watered and spritzed every 2-3 days as needed
Estimated Arrival Dates
November 1 through December 31

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