Frosty Christmas

Colorful, cheerful and infinitely seasonal, this snowy, frosted Christmas centerpiece delivers cheer for the holidays! A bold red pillar candle nestles in fragrant boughs of fresh noble fir, incense cedar, and white pine. Bright apples, red and silver berries, and snowy accents bring the outdoors into the warmth of your home. Add a touch of frost and the wintery holidays into your home this Christmas and brighten up the room while you relax with friends and family.

Size: 14" x 18". Candle burn time: 135-145 hours.
Materials: noble fir, white pine and incense cedar with 4 egg sized frosty Ponderosa pine cones, 3 red berry clusters, 3 silver berry clusters, 3 red ball clusters, 3 apple/berry/pine cone picks and 1 red pillar candle
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors when watered and spritzed every 2-3 days as needed
Estimated Arrival Dates
November 1 through December 31

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