• Sterling Sparkle
  • Sterling Sparkle
  • Sterling Sparkle
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Sterling Sparkle


This gorgeous centerpiece is stunning for the holidays. Eye-catching red, white, and sterling-silver plaid bows complement glittery-silver pine cones, bright red berry clusters, and red taper candles. All on a bed of fresh noble fir, cedar, and pine. This beauty will add that extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations and makes the perfect Christmas gift! Measures 11" x 11" x 11" high.

Materials: noble fir, cedar, and pine with 6 silvery Australian pine cones, 2 red ball clusters, 6 faux red berry clusters, 2 silver, red, and white plaid bow tucks with silver edging, and 2 red taper candles
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors and 4-6 weeks outdoors, with regular watering

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