Party in a Box - Smoked Salmon

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  • Box of smoked salmon, crackers, and mustard.
  • Unpackaged box of smoked salmon, crackers, and mustard.

Looking for a versatile gift that is perfect for anyone, any time of year? You simply cannot go wrong with our locally sourced and wild-caught, delicious smoked Pacific Northwest salmon. Our amazing Party in a Box has everything you need for a gorgeous spread! This impressive gift contains a trio of delectable signature smoked salmon including rich red Sockeye salmon, famously flavorful King salmon, and succulent Pink salmon (6 oz of each salmon). It also contains two flavors of Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard (4 oz each of original Walla Walla sweet onion flavor and Walla Walla with Red Peppers) and Beecher’s Artisan Crackers. These distinctive and delicious mustards are the perfect condiments to serve with smoked salmon. Everything in the box is ready to open, serve, and immediately enjoy. This truly remarkable gift delivers the legendary flavor of the Pacific Northwest and is always well-received! It’s beautifully presented and offers recipients a wonderful culinary experience.

We’ve partnered with nearby Seabear Smokehouse to bring our customers this wonderful gift option. They start with locally sourced wild salmon and fillet it by hand. Each salmon fillet is vacuum-sealed in their famous Gold Seal pouch, then gently cooked in its own juices -- this preserves the salmon naturally (a process SeaBear invented), so no refrigeration is needed until opened, making it so easy for sending and sharing as a gift. It’s ready to open and immediately enjoy. 

Ready to serve. Net Weight 18 ounces.

Square K Kosher |MSC Certified |Project Non-GMO

Storage Information: No refrigeration required before opening. Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, refrigerate unused portion and use within 7 days. Salmon is best if used within 4 years of production.

Contents: The trio of salmon includes 3 varieties of smoked salmon: King, Sockeye, and Pink

Salmon - 6oz of each; 2 pouches of Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustards- 4 oz each. Beecher’s Artisan Crackers - 4.7 oz.

Ingredients: Smoked wild salmon (Sockeye, King, and Pink salmon), salt, cane sugar, and natural wood smoke.

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$67.95 each

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