Merry Manhattan

If you're looking for a modern, sophisticated centerpiece to decorate an office or contemporary home this holiday season, look no further. This eye-catching, silver and navy blue centerpiece starts with an elegant midnight blue metal container filled with fresh noble fir, incense cedar, and white pine. Australian pine cones complement the lush and fragrant greenery and accentuate clusters of ornate silver balls, silver berries, and glitter-frosted ornaments. An opulent white and silver bow completes this holiday stunner. Perfect for coworkers, business associates, and friends that enjoy contemporary holiday decor. Comes with or without white lights.

Materials: base of noble fir, incense cedar, and white pine with 5 Australian pine cones, 2 silver ball clusters, 5 silver berry clusters, 3 glitter-frosted ornaments, midnight blue metal container, and a white satin bow with silver glitter stripes
Dimensions: approximately 10" wide x 10" deep x 8" tall
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors when watered and spritzed every 2-3 days as needed

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