Black Friday 2023 with White Lights

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  • Black Friday 2023 with White Lights
  • Black Friday 2023 with White Lights
  • Black Friday 2023 with White Lights
  • Black Friday 2023 with White Lights
  • Black Friday 2023 with White Lights
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The wait is over! Our Early Black Friday special is here! Order this exquisite wreath and lights promo while supplies last. This show-stopping classic 26” Christmas wreath is perfect for the holidays AND it's discounted by 35%! Fresh and fragrant noble fir, cedar, and juniper are hand assembled with natural white-pine pinecones and festive bright red berries. It’s finished with an eye-catching gorgeous 4”-wide hand-tied red and black plaid bow. We brighten the deal with a set of elegant warm-white LED wreath lights that will add the perfect sparkle to the wreath. This stunning wreath with lights is the DEAL OF THE SEASON! And it makes the perfect gift!

The white LED string lights require 3 AA batteries (batteries not included). Please note that the lights are not pre-attached to the wreaths. They arrive in a small box. The string lights are very easy to use! Simply tuck them into the greenery all the way around the front of the wreath, and put the battery pack behind the wreath so it's not visible. They also come with a built-in timer; once turned on, they stay on for 6 hours, then automatically turn themselves off and will light up again at the same time the next day, repeating this cycle until you turn them off. They can be reused year after year!

This Early Black Friday wreath promotion ends when sold out. Limit 5 per customer. Cannot be exchanged with previous or existing orders.

This is a limited-time product and is not eligible for fundraisers to receive cashback.

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$49.95 each

Materials: noble fir, cedar, and juniper with white-pine pinecone, faux red berries, and a wide red and black plaid bow.
Dimensions: 26” is approximately 8 lbs
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors and 4-6 weeks outdoors with regular watering

We recommend that you hang your wreath outside because fresh air extends the life of the natural product. Climate and direct sunlight drastically affect how long your evergreens will last. Hanging your wreath in a cool location with a good amount of shade will help it live longer. Some customers really want their wreath inside their home, and that is understandable. When placed indoors, they will last about 3 weeks with proper care.

All greenery should be kept away from heat sources that may dry them out such as direct sunlight, heat vents, and open flames. Always keep evergreens away from ignition sources.

Wreaths absorb moisture through their cut ends. To increase the health and lifespan of your wreath, spritz the back with water every 2-3 days. Evergreens will drink the water, and you will find your wreath to be more fragrant and last longer.

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