• Blast from the Past
  • Blast from the Past
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Blast from the Past


This fun retro-themed mini-Christmas tree is a “Blast From the Past” and will evoke fond memories of stringing colorful lights on the house and caroling around the neighborhood. Simple but colorful, the tabletop tree is made from fresh noble fir sprigs and draped with nostalgic, vintage-style colored lights and adorned with clusters of colorful ball ornaments. Measures 18" tall and 14" across. This is not a living tree; it is assembled with sprigs. Lights require three AA batteries (batteries not included).

Materials: noble fir with a string of battery-operated vintage-style colored lights, and clusters of blue, red, green, and gold balls.
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors and 4-6 weeks outdoors, with regular watering

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