Nordic Friends Light-Up Gnomes

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  • Nordic Friends Light-Up Gnomes
  • Nordic Friends Light-Up Gnomes
  • Nordic Friends Light-Up Gnomes
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You'll want to get cozy and stay "gnome" for the holidays when these cute characters arrive at your door! Gnomes have a delightful way of bringing smiles to faces and joy to the season with their charm and personality. Our two Nordic Friends Light-Up Gnomes are enchanting with their Norwegian patterned hats, flowing beards, and bright light-up noses. These plush figures stand on their own at about 12-20", depending on how you choose to position the wire in their adorable hats. Their noses can be lit-up with a simple switch under their beards or turned off, depending on the vibe you want. Place these loveable guys by the fireplace, on the coffee table, on a mantle or bed, or any place you want to add a dash of holiday cheer. Each gnome measures approximately 20" high x 8" wide x 5" deep. Button batteries included.

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$39.95 each

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