Autumnal Elegance: The Charm of Fall Wreaths at Lynch Creek Farm

April 15, 2024  •  4 min read

Autumnal Elegance: The Charm of Fall Wreaths at Lynch Creek Farm

A front door graced with a fall wreath is a sign of the season's arrival. Lynch Creek Farm specializes in creating that first impression with front door wreaths that feature acorns, hydrangea, and the rich tapestry of fall leaves, inviting a sense of warmth and celebration.

Fall Decor:

A Celebration of Harvest Fall decor is about embracing the heart of the harvest season. From the rustic allure of burlap to the vibrant pop of sunflower wreaths, our designs capture the essence of autumn harvest, perfect for any front porch or entryway.

Beautiful and natural, our Nordmann wreath is a special addition to our collection. Carefully hand-assembled, this wreath features lush and fragrant Nordmann fir with fresh juniper and adds accents of red berries and ponderosa pinecones to design this simple, elegant wreath. This is our only wreath made with Nordmann fir. Its needles are dark green above and silvery below for a naturally gorgeous effect. This lovely wreath is not only a delightful decoration but also makes a wonderful gift that is sure to brighten someone's day. 

The Natural Beauty of Hydrangea and Greenery 

The lush, full blooms of hydrangea wreaths, paired with the verdant eucalyptus leaves, bring a touch of nature's splendor to your home decor. These elements, intertwined with grapevine wreaths, create a natural elegance that enhances your living room or dining room.

Seasonal Accents for Every Door

 Whether it's a berry wreath that hints at the coming of Christmas wreaths or a pinecone wreath that nods to the woodland's charm, each door wreath from Lynch Creek Farm is a handcrafted masterpiece, ready to be the centerpiece of your autumn colors theme.

Festive Flair with Pumpkins and Gourds 

No fall floral arrangement is complete without the quintessential white pumpkin or a selection of gourds. These autumnal staples are the perfect accompaniments to our fall door wreath collection, embodying the spirit of the fall season.

Halloween to Harvest: 

Wreaths for Every Occasion From the whimsical to the sublime, our Halloween decoration options and harvest wreath selections offer something for every taste and celebration. Choose a bestseller, or pick up a unique piece that speaks to your personal style.

The Grand Harvest wreath is a gorgeous addition to our autumn collection and will let you celebrate Thanksgiving and the fall season in style. Carefully hand-assembled with fresh noble fir and cedar, it radiates natural, earthy beauty and a beautiful scent that will transport you to a forest in the midst of autumn. The wreath is decorated with faux white pumpkins, leaves, and nuts, adding a touch of harvest season to the design while natural thistles add the perfect rustic touches. To top it off, we add a luxurious dark-green velvet bow that incorporates charm to the overall design. Hang this wreath on your door to welcome guests or place it inside and enjoy the warm atmosphere it brings to the center of your home.

Outdoor Decor That Stands Out 

Lynch Creek Farm's outdoor decor goes beyond the traditional. Imagine a fall door wreath that showcases dried flowers and mums, or an artificial wreath that maintains its beauty, offering accessibility to stunning fall decor all season long.

Made fresh daily with cedar picked from the foothills of the Olympic Mountains, the fragrance of the Three Cedars wreath will invoke the holiday spirit throughout your home. The wreath base is made of Western Red, Incense, and Port Orford cedars, finished with tightly woven white pine, and your choice of a gorgeous deep red brushed-linen bow or beautifully simple with no bow. Cedar boughs are naturally more droopy and less stout compared to other evergreens, so this wreath has a more loose, relaxed, and flowing style than those made with noble fir. This simple, natural holiday wreath is well-loved and one of our farm favorites.

Decorating Ideas for the Autumn Enthusiast 

Fall wreaths are more than just decorations; they are inspirations for your autumnal decorating ideas. Use a leaf wreath as a base and add your personal touch with fall flowers or eucalyptus wreath enhancements to create a display that is uniquely yours.

The Finishing Touch: 

Don’t forget the wreath hangers and accessories. A wreath's beauty is in the details, and the right hanger can make all the difference. Our selection of wreath hangers and accessories ensures your fall wreath is displayed with care, complementing your front door decor and welcoming guests with style.

Embracing the Season with Lynch Creek Farm 

As the autumn colors blaze and the fall season takes hold, Lynch Creek Farm's fall wreaths stand as a testament to the beauty and bounty of the season. Choose from our best sellers or create a custom arrangement that celebrates the unique splendor of fall.

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