Autumn Door Decor: Seasonal Elegance

April 15, 2024  •  3 min read

Autumn Door Decor: Seasonal Elegance

Welcoming Autumn: The Quintessential Fall Door Wreath 

Embrace the season's change as you grace your front door with a fall door wreath, a symbol of autumn's arrival. Lynch Creek Farm's handcrafted wreaths blend fall foliage with festive flair, perfect for greeting guests or adding a touch of fall decor to your home.

Harvest Hues: From Maple Leaves to Pumpkin Elegance

As the canopy of leaves turns to a tapestry of fall colors, replicate this natural beauty with a wreath that showcases the vibrant reds and oranges of maple leaves. Intertwine this with the whimsical touch of white pumpkins and the classic pumpkin wreath, and you have a harvest wreath that celebrates the abundance of the season.

Textures of the Season: Burlap Charm and Pinecone Accents

Texture plays a pivotal role in autumnal designs. The roughness of burlap paired with the intricate patterns of pinecone wreaths brings a tactile dimension to your fall front door wreath, inviting touch and enhancing visual interest.

Floral Infusions: Hydrangea and Sunflower Wreaths 

Flowers are not just for spring wreaths; they bring life to any seasonal wreath. A hydrangea wreath with its lush blooms, or a sunflower wreath radiating warmth, adds a floral wreath's softness to the robust autumn display.

Full of natural splendor and enchanting countryside charm, our Summer Cottage floral wreath is quite breathtaking. This stunning wreath captures the elegance of ivory and green blooms and foliage with an artful combination of natural green hydrangea, cream strawflowers, daisies, cream globe amaranthus, salal leaves, and sage green eucalyptus. It’s a magnificent combination full of dreamy cottage-style! This timeless beauty will surprise and impress anyone who receives it.


Holiday wreath made of noble fir, cedar, and pine with bay and magnolia leaves, ponderosa pine cones, and Australian pine cones with a white wood background.

Elegance in Evergreens: Eucalyptus and Magnolia's Timeless Touch

Greenery such as eucalyptus leaves and magnolia add an evergreen elegance to outdoor fall wreaths. Whether it's a standalone eucalyptus wreath or accents on a grapevine wreath, they provide a green backdrop that makes the fall colors pop.

On-trend and naturally gorgeous, magnolia evokes feelings of nostalgia and the elegance and charm of the South. We combined beautiful magnolia leaves with bright bay leaves to create our stylish Magnolia Bay wreath. The leaves are assembled amongst a base of fresh noble fir, cedar, and white pine, with adorable pinecones completing the sweet ensemble. This simple and classy wreath brightens any home.

The Centerpiece of Fall: Wreaths That Tell a Story 

Every wreath tells a story, and a centerpiece or wreath from Lynch Creek Farm is no different. Whether it's a leaf wreath that speaks of autumn walks or a berry wreath that hints at the coming of winter, these creations are narratives in themselves.


18" natural wreath made of real, dried cherry pumpkins and contrasting green reindeer moss. and grapevine accents on a white wood fence background.
Halloween Whimsy: Spooky and Chic Door Decor 


As Halloween approaches, transition your front porch with Halloween wreaths that strike a balance between spooky and chic. Gourds, autumn leaves, and even the occasional peony can play a role in a Halloween-themed wreath that delights trick-or-treaters and passersby alike.

Celebrate the abundance of fall with our captivating October Harvest wreath. This unique natural wreath is truly impressive with hand-arranged real, dried cherry pumpkins and vibrant green reindeer moss. Grapevines are added for accents, and the result is this beautiful wreath that is perfect for Thanksgiving and fall. Sized at 18”, this sweet pumpkin wreath adds country charm to any room. It also makes a very thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift.

The Allure of the Outdoors: Bringing Nature to Your Living Room 

Extend the autumn wreath theme indoors, creating a continuity of outdoor decor that complements your living room. A twig wreath or a pinecone wreath becomes wall decor, bringing the outdoor fall wreaths' spirit inside.

The Festive Front Porch: A Prelude to Holiday Joy 

As the season progresses, front door decor transitions smoothly from the fall harvest to the festive cheer of Christmas wreaths. Lynch Creek Farm's wreaths are versatile, carrying the essence of the autumn harvest into the joy of the holiday season.

A Swag of Autumn Harvest: Acorns, Swag, and Fall Harvest Elements 

Not all decorations hang on the door. A swag, rich with acorns and autumn harvest elements, can adorn the mantel or become a unique door hanger, offering an alternative to the traditional wreath.

The Final Touch: Mums, Gourds, and Decorating Ideas 

Complete your autumnal theme with mums and gourds, staples of fall that complement any fall door wreath. These decorating ideas, along with the right door hanger, ensure your fall decor is cohesive and inviting.