A Tabletop Tree for that Special Time of Year

Each year when the weather gets colder and the season changes before our eyes, the first thing we like to do to celebrate the new holiday season is to bring out all the holiday decorations we have and plaster them all over our homes. That includes DIY holiday decor projects; for others, it means dusting off last year's Christmas decorations like centerpieces, multicolor Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and that perfect tree topper. For some, it's all about shopping for new and exciting home decor, whether at Amazon or with a national tree company. For the most authentic and beautiful decorations, though, we recommend one of our fresh handmade evergreen products such as a gorgeous and fragrant mini tabletop tree.

Our Beautiful Christmas Decor 

As a sustainable family-run farm, we have dedicated many years to bringing our customers the most gorgeous and high-quality greenery Christmas decor for the holiday season. We specialize in almost anything you might want to purchase for your decor needs including wreaths with hand-tied burlap bows and LED lights, garland, swags, warm white lights, mini Christmas trees, and prelit centerpieces sitting in wood base containers with berries, pine cones, and ornaments. These are just the tip of the iceberg with everything we offer our customers so you can be creative and find new ways to create the best Christmas ambiance for the lively new season ahead. 

New Holiday Decoration Trends

One of the new trends spotted recently involves finding ways to add holiday room decor in areas that don't get too much attention. This can be in places like the bathroom, outside on the porch, or perched right on the table as you dine. For many, finding the perfect mini Christmas tree to sit atop a table is the best way to incorporate a tree if there isn't space or (in our case) if one tree isn't enough! While hanging decor on the entryway and front door will always be classic locations to decorate, some people might not have the ability or room to use these spaces as decor holders. That's why the idea of a tabletop Christmas tree or decor that can sit in small spaces is so enticing. Sometimes people use artificial tabletop Christmas trees with battery-operated lights, or you can choose an authentic fresh noble fir tree like ours that sits on a table or tree stand. A beautiful example is our best-selling Tartan tree. For many, a small artificial Christmas tree with clear lights or a pre-lit tree will be enough to add the perfect touch of the holidays to your home. An elegant option is our Country Cabin tree. Nothing says Christmas like a fresh hand-assembled live fragrant evergreen tree. It will brighten any room and add that wonderful forest fragrance for the holidays.

Tabletop Trees Bring the Perfect Sparkle to Your Home

Finding a place to decorate for apartments or homes with smaller spaces can be challenging, but all you need is a coffee table, a small unlit corner that needs a little color, or even a home office that needs some Christmas cheer. We supply the most beautiful small trees for adding to a space or corner that needs some sprucing up. You have a variety of options for tabletop trees here, and all of them come with fresh noble fir and beautifully added decorations like berry clusters, hand-tied bows, LED tree lights and string lights, and shiny ornaments. We’ve found many of our customers like a blue-colored design, such as our frosty Starry Night tree. These beautiful tabletop trees look and feel real (because they are!) and last for weeks with proper care both indoors and out.

So, when trying to find holiday decor that fits in a small space, or you need to downgrade the size of your regular decor, consider one of our fresh mini tabletop trees, no matter the size of your space or specific holiday decoration tastes. Whatever you need this holiday season, with a little sustainable greenery, some colorful ornaments and lights, and the best smelling noble fir and pine, we will create it all special for you!