Christmas Swag Vs. Christmas Wreath: What's The Difference

Do you know the difference between a Christmas swag and a Christmas wreath? Most people don't. In fact, many people use the terms interchangeably. But there is a big difference between the two! Here, we'll discuss the differences between Christmas swags and wreaths and help you decide which one is right for your home this 2023 holiday season!

What Is A Christmas Swag

A Christmas swag is an evergreen decoration made from fresh greenery such as holly, red berries, warm white clear lights, bristle, pinecones, and evergreens. It is often decorated with ribbons, bows, and other festive elements. Christmas swags can be hung on front doors, walls, fences, used as centerpieces, or even with other Christmas decorations. You can see examples of fresh swags in our Christmas Swag Collection.

Some of the benefits of having a Christmas swag are:

-They are easy to make! You can find DIY tutorials all over the internet on making your own Christmas swag.

-They tend to be less expensive than full-sized wreaths. You can find inexpensive artificial Christmas teardrop swag without spending a ton of money. However, if you want an eco-friendly, fresh and fragrant real door swag, you’ll want to order from a high-quality company like ours that handmakes them using live evergreens.

-They add a touch of elegance to your home. A well-made swag will dress up your door decor, living room, banister, Christmas tree, holiday decor, or wall decor.

What Is A Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath is also a decoration that is made from greenery. However, it is usually circular and can be hung on doors, windows, or fireplaces. Christmas wreaths are often decorated with poinsettia, floral components, ball ornaments, plaid burlap, filler, hydrangeas, magnolias, pine branches, pine needles, and white LED lights, snowflakes, or wintry pine to match other Christmas decor. Depending on where you purchase them, you can even find unlit or pre-lit wreaths. The difference between the two all comes down to shape and size. Swags are usually a simple gathering of branches, while wreaths are round and more shaped. Now that you know the difference, you can decide which one is right for your home this holiday season!

How Do I Choose The Right Christmas Swag

When choosing a Christmas swag, you will want to take into account a few things, including:

Size And Shape Of Your Space

If you have a larger space, such as a doorway or fireplace, you will want to choose a larger swag. If you have a smaller space, such as a window, you will want to select a smaller swag. We offer one standard size of swag that fits most spaces perfectly. Our tried and true best seller is the Noble Swag which comes with either a red or a burgundy bow. It is a timeless classic. Simple and beautiful.

Overall Style Of Your Home

You will also want to take into account the overall style of your home decor. If you have a more traditional home, you will want to choose a more traditional swag such as our popular Red Country Apple Swag. If you have a more modern home, you will want to select a more modern swag. Our First Frost Swag is an example of a more modern style. It incorporates glittery branches with silver balls with a frosted pinecone for sparkling touches. Our Burgundy Berry Swag is also more contemporary with its shiny burgundy ball ornaments and glittery cranberry-colored berry branches. All are simple and stunning at the same time.

Material Of The Christmas Swag

Another thing to consider is the material of the swag. Many Christmas swags on the market are made from artificial greenery, like plastic pine artificial Christmas teardrop swags or fake mailbox swags. However, you can find many beautifully made from natural greenery, like those here from our farm. We only sell real evergreen swags that are fresh and will fill your home with that wonderful Christmas fragrance of fresh-cut fir. Of course, we are partial to our all-natural products. They are truly gorgeous in person and are, of course, sustainable and much friendlier to the environment than an artificial swag or wreath. You can choose from a wide variety of styles including greenery swags, holiday swags, berry swags, pine cone swags, and more. Now that you know all about Christmas swags, it's time to decide which one is suitable for your home this holiday season! While shopping, you can even add white battery-operated LED lights to your swag or wreath order. They arrive in their own box and are specially designed for our swags and wreaths. Simply tuck them into the greenery to add a delicate sparkle and stunning warm glow. They make a gorgeous statement on any front door. We hope you find something you truly love. Let our team know if you need any help shopping. We’d love to!