Autumn Harvest Wreath: Celebrate in Style

April 29, 2024  •  3 min read

Autumn Harvest Wreath: Celebrate in Style

A Warm Welcome

Nothing says "welcome" like a beautiful wreath adorning your front door. As the crisp fall air settles in and fall leaves turn golden, it's time to embrace the splendor of the season with an exquisite Thanksgiving wreath created by Lynch Creek Farm. Our handcrafted designs are perfect for dressing up your home decor and creating a festive atmosphere complete with fall wreath arrangements and lush greenery.

Nature's Bounty

Each fall harvest wreath starts with a natural grapevine wreath base, adorned with elements reminiscent of autumn's bounty: vibrant maple leaves, plump gourds, and delicate corn husks come together to form enchanting expressions of gratitude. Our artisans intersperse pinecones and acorns throughout the design, adding texture and depth to each arrangement.

Our trendy Premium Red Wreath combines fragrant noble fir with the luster of the salal leaf. The fresh noble fir and salal are accented with juniper and incense cedar. This Premium Red holiday wreath is finished with a distinguished red velveteen with a gold back bow and clusters of red berries and balls, along with natural ponderosa pinecones



Rustic Charm

Rich fall colors are interwoven with rustic elements such as burlap ribbons and white pumpkins in many of our pumpkin wreaths, while oak leaf and sunflower wreaths bring warmth to your front door decor. Thanksgiving decorations like turkey wreaths offer a playful nod to the holiday tradition while keeping it classy and timeless.

With a perfect combination of elegance and grandeur, our stunning Majestic Magnolia wreath is a true representation of fall and holiday splendor. Handcrafted on a base of fresh and lush noble fir, cedar, and white pine, we artfully add real southern magnolia leaves and bay leaves along with accents of burgundy berries, pinecones, and a shimmery gold/orange bow. With its deep glossy magnolia leaves that are carefully arranged to highlight their natural luster, this design has timeless beauty and radiates sophistication and grace. Wonderful for fall, Thanksgiving, as well as the holiday seasons, it transitions beautifully from autumn to Christmas. Whether hung on the front door to greet visitors or gracing your mantel, this beauty will surely captivate hearts and fill your home with elegance.

Blooming Delights

Delicate hydrangea wreaths soften the look of some wreaths, while bold magnolias make a statement in others. A refreshing eucalyptus accent elevates a berry wreath or boxwood forms into elegant autumn wreaths. The elegant blend of autumn hues and fall foliage creates striking flower wreaths perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting.

Versatility is Key

Lynch Creek Farm offers more than just traditional front door wreaths; an attractive floral or mesh wreath can double as an elegant centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. From rustic oak leaf designs to dainty pinecone wreaths or fall-inspired hangers, the possibilities are endless with our diverse collection.

A wreath made of noble fir and Western red cedar with frosted ponderosa pinecones, red and white balls, red crabapples and silver berries, and a red glittery bow on a white wood background.

Seasonal Transitions

As Thanksgiving gives way to Christmas, the transition from fall decor to holiday cheer is seamless with Lynch Creek Farm. Consider replacing your Halloween wreath with a festive Christmas wreath, and treasure the beauty that autumn harvest wreath arrangements offer during this special season.

Our Cranberry Frost wreath will make a grand entrance into your holidays with a stunning show of festive frills and intoxicating fragrance. Fresh, natural noble fir and cedar and frosted pinecones are dressed up with shiny red and white balls, red crabapples, and silver berries. A glittery red bow heightens the fancy factor with its sparkle and elegance. Gift one to a friend (or to yourself!) this Christmas season and you’ll be sure to hear about it!



Celebrate Gratitude

As you prepare to give thanks this year, let Lynch Creek Farm outfit your home with a breathtaking collection of rustic wreaths and fall adornments. Delight in the natural wonder of the autumn season and welcome your guests in style with our stunning indoor and outdoor creations.