Beautiful and Fragrant Holiday Garlands

April 27, 2022  •  3 min read

Beautiful and Fragrant Holiday Garlands

Fresh evergreen holiday garlands are a Christmas decorating essential! They don’t only add a touch of nature to a room, they drape elegantly on your fireplace mantel, banister, and over your front door to signify that the best time of the year has arrived… Christmas! Garland also adds an abundance of wonderful evergreen fragrance to any room or to your entryway when hung around the front door. You can even create your own Christmas tree garland by draping it around your tree this year. Garland is an essential holiday decoration and one that we proudly handcraft each year for returning fans. You’ll find five Christmas garlands here on our website, all handmade with locally sourced and fragrant greenery, and made to perfection.

Most styles of garland can be ordered in either 18-feet or 72-feet lengths. While these natural evergreen garlands are meant to be displayed outdoors, we understand why you’d want to put them inside. With the proper care of your evergreen garland, they’ll last at least three weeks indoors. When placed outdoors, they’ll last a full six weeks or longer. 

Five Natural Evergreen Garlands Made for the Holiday Season

Our Premium Garland is up first, and this commanding garland combines noble fir, incense cedar, and western red cedar and pine. It smells fantastic, is durable and hearty, and lasts through the season if you spritz it with water every 2-3 days and leave it in a cool place.

Premium Garland


Our next favorite is Cedar Garland, made with western red cedar and offers a rich green color. This flowing garland is perfect for draping over fences, staircases, and doors and gives a beautiful fragrant scent.

Cedar Garland  - Lynch Creek Farm

Cedar Garland

Mixed Garland is made with fresh-cut western red cedar, incense cedar, and sweet-scented white pine. We love this garland for decorating on your mantel for everyone to see. The Douglas Fir Garland is made with fresh Douglas fir and adds a gorgeous festive touch anywhere you place it. Our last garland is the Deluxe Port Orford Garland, made with Port Orford cedar. This attractive option is tightly gathered, giving the garland a fuller appearance when it’s hung up.

Deluxe Port Orford Garland

Deluxe Port Orford Garland

How to Care for Your Garland

Keeping these garlands away from heat sources, like vents, direct sunlight, and an open flame is recommended. All of these garlands take in moisture through their cut ends, so we recommend finding a bottle so you can spritz your decorations with water to make them last a lot longer. If you’re looking to decorate these unlit garlands as a DIY project, please feel free to do so. We recommend fun decorations like tassels, multicolor ornaments, Christmas lights, warm white LED lights, clear lights, red berries, pinecones, and any other holiday decor. We also recommend finding your favorite flowers and plants like magnolias, eucalyptus, poinsettias, and even bristles to create your very own tinsel garland, berry garland, pine garland, and even flower garland.

Not only do we sell stunning holiday season garlands, but we are also known for selling the most gorgeous Christmas decorations you’ll find. Bestsellers like Christmas wreaths, swags, centerpieces, and tabletop Christmas trees are perfect for any area in your living room or kitchen. You’ll find some of the best Christmas decor at Lynch Creek Farm, and you can be sure that everything is made with attention to detail. Shopping for holiday decorations just got easy; all you need to do is shop our website, pull out your credit card, and before you know it, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Lynch Creek Farm home decor product right on your door!