Beautiful Fall and Christmas Centerpieces To Decorate Your Home

July 11, 2022  •  3 min read

Beautiful Fall and Christmas Centerpieces To Decorate Your Home

When it's time for holiday decorating, most of us bring out staples like Christmas trees, garlands, and holiday wreaths to decorate the common gathering spaces of our homes. We often don’t give much thought to unconventional locations when the holidays roll around. We are here to challenge the idea that only wreaths and trees come front and center for the holiday season! We sell a wide variety of gorgeous evergreen decorations including tabletop Christmas trees that are perfect for small areas of your home, and evergreen swags that can look beautiful in any space. Here, we’d like to highlight another holiday option - our famous fresh centerpieces that will brighten any dining room, table, or kitchen counter.

Centerpieces for Big Occasions or Cozy Gatherings

When you think of centerpieces, wedding receptions probably come to mind, where each table has a perfectly placed wedding centerpiece or flower centerpiece next to the wedding flowers on the wedding table that match the theme of a formal or rustic wedding celebration. Or maybe it's Mother's Day, and you're gifting a floral centerpiece to a special woman in your life. What you're probably not thinking about is fresh and fragrant greenery centerpieces designed for the holiday season. With our selection of the most beautifully decorated table centerpieces on the market, you'll be wanting to buy more than just one.

Over 55 Christmas-Themed Centerpieces to Add to Your Home For the Holidays

If you are considering centerpiece ideas, styles, and options, then you’ve come to the right place. We have over 55 stunning centerpieces to choose from, many of them decorated with floating candles, pinecones, berries, ornaments, ribbons, and bows. Every design combines fresh evergreens and beautiful colors for a gorgeous Christmas color palette you'll want to place front and center. Each piece is unique in style and designed to offer something elegant and special including Santa's Little Helper which includes an adorable small dog, perfect for the kids in the house, and Grandma’s Cottage, a wonderfully designed centerpiece with an old-fashioned lantern in the center, which can easily be reused for many holidays to come. Of course, you can’t go wrong with our best-selling Northwest Pillar centerpiece. This timeless design has been well-loved for many years. For a more contemporary look, our stunning Modern Farmhouse centerpiece makes a statement in any home. The reusable wood and metal geometric container can be filled with flowers, pine cones, greenery, and much more.

  Grandma's Cottage                                                   Modern Farmhouse                                                    Northwest Pillar

Creating The Perfect Tablescape With Centerpieces and Decorations

Creating the perfect table decorations with these centerpieces isn't as hard as it sounds. Grab your favorite table runner and place it where you'd like on the dining table or any table you see fit. Using decorative elements for table decors like glass vases, pillar candles in candle holders, mason jars filled with tea lights, or your favorite flower arrangements that use hydrangea and peony flowers, will shape your tablescape beautifully. If you feel the table needs more on the sides of your centerpiece, any type of table fillers like floral arrangements in bud vases, place settings with table numbers, tea light candles on a candelabra or in mercury glasses, or flowers like tulips, succulents, dahlias are perfect to round out the decor you've placed on your table. If you want to get even more creative, you can even use a cake stand as a way to elevate the centerpiece. Finding ways to add levels to your decor will bring your entire decorative efforts to life.

While we love a good centerpiece at a bridal shower, baby shower, or even as wedding decor on that big day, we know we can use them just as well during the holidays when we host get-togethers and dinners with our loved ones. Lynch Creek Farm's home decor is best-selling and it's no wonder why people come time and time again to order their products for the holiday season. Whether you love the decor as it comes or you want to add some exciting DIY decor on top, when you shop with us, you're getting only the best in sustainable, long-lasting, and stunning decor to light up your home this year!