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August 08, 2023  •  3 min read

Fall Wreaths: An Essential Part of Your Home Decor

The fall season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The crisp air and changing fall leaves make it the perfect time to bring the warmth and coziness of the autumn harvest into your home. One of the best ways to do this is by decorating your front door with a fall wreath. Lynch Creek Farm offers a wide variety of fall door wreaths that are sure to make your home feel like the heart of the season.

Types of Fall Wreaths

There are many different types of fall wreaths available at Lynch Creek Farm. Some of the most popular include the pumpkin wreath, flower wreath, hydrangea wreath, eucalyptus wreath, pinecone wreath, berry wreath, and fall floral leaf wreaths. Each of these wreaths is designed to bring the essence of fall into your home and make it feel warm and inviting.

Decorating with Fall Wreaths

Fall leaves are not just for the entryway. You can use them to decorate your living room, dining room, or across your porch. The versatility of fall wreaths makes them a perfect addition to any space and are a lovely fragrant centerpiece over the mantle.

Material and Color Options

When it comes to choosing a fall wreath, there are many material and color options to choose from. You can choose from greenery, maple leaves, fall foliage, fall colors, burlap, eucalyptus leaves, white pumpkin, dried flowers, or gourds. Each of these materials and colors will bring a unique and beautiful touch to your home decor.

DIY Autumn Wreath Ideas

If you're feeling creative, and you have time to spare for fall decor you can even make your own fall wreath using our Three Cedars as your base. Some popular DIY fall wreath ideas include a grapevine wreath, pinecone wreath, magnolia wreath, peony wreath, or sunflower wreath which is emblematic of late summer.

Special Occasions

Fall wreaths are not just for fall. They can be used for special occasions like Halloween and Christmas, too.

Best Sellers and Decorating Ideas

At Lynch Creek Farm, the best-selling fall wreaths are the Magnolia Bay naturally gorgeous, magnolia that evokes feelings of nostalgia and the elegance and charm of the south. We combined lustrous and beautiful magnolia leaves with bright bay leaves to create our stylish Magnolia Bay wreath. The leaves are assembled amongst a base of fresh noble fir, cedar, and white pine, with charming pinecones completing the sweet ensemble with a proper hanger.

Styled to celebrate the natural beauty of the fall and winter seasons, this creation is the ultimate expression of elegance and reflects our love of all things natural. Magnolia leaves add a burst of deciduous drama to an evergreen base of fragrant noble fir and pine. Warm accents of colored acorns, seed pods, and branches of assorted nuts and cones give the arrangement a bountiful harvest quality, with copper balls adding a lustrous pop! Inspired by the simple beauty of nature, this glorious Cider Season wreath will add tremendous beauty to any home this fall, Thanksgiving, and winter.

Autumn colors are an essential part of your front door decor. The versatility and beauty of fall wreaths make them perfect for decorating your home, both inside and out. The wide range of fall wreaths available at Lynch Creek Farm means that you'll be able to find the perfect wreath to suit your style. Pick up one of our gorgeous creations made by hand and save yourself countless hours better spent with family for your glorious holiday traditions.