Christmas Centerpieces: The Heart of Your Holiday Table

May 21, 2024  •  3 min read

Christmas Centerpieces: The Heart of Your Holiday Table

A Festive Focal Point

Elevate your holiday decor with beautiful Christmas centerpieces, adding warmth and elegance to your dining room. A well-curated tablescape seamlessly blends tabletop decorations with pinecones, greenery, candle holders, and red berries to create a cohesive holiday look. Choose from an array of centerpiece ideas for a design that captivates guests.

Natural Elements and Seasonal Decor

Incorporate natural elements such as boxwoodeucalyptus, and magnolia leaves, not to mention pine needles that bring freshness to your home decor. Enhance your space further with Christmas tree decorations, as these little touches tie together the overall holiday theme. You may also add your special touch by picking decorations from our selection of holiday centerpieces, white Christmas-themed decorations, or additional Christmas ornaments that will enhance the look of your natural element Christmas decor concept. Sprigs of seasonal flora paired with a Christmas wreath add a finishing touch that brings an extra layer of holiday cheer to the living room and dining room. Whether you would like to add a flower arrangement to your coffee table or some adorable Santa globes to your buffet we’ve got you covered.

Transform this holiday season with the beauty of stunningly gorgeous Holiday Amaryllis blooms! This elegant botanical wonder promises to deliver captivating vibrant blooms in several weeks. Sent in a charming red metal train container, this delightful gift is full of holiday magic! When placed indoors, the bulb will immediately begin to grow lovely green stems and buds that unfurl into richly-hued blooms, producing several large spectacular flowers in approximately 6 weeks. Blooms will be either a rich red color or a beautiful red and white-color combination. Radiating joy and beauty synonymous with this special time of year, our amaryllis creates delight for weeks, through Christmas and into the new year.

Traditional Poinsettia and Modern Floral Arrangements

Poinsettias are, perfect for adorning tabletops alongside other fresh floral arrangements


Design Your Christmas Table Centerpiece with a Color Palette in Mind

A well-curated color palette complements Christmas centerpieces. Combine pops of holiday color with tablecloths, candlesticks, table runners, and festive table settings. Incorporate snowflakes to achieve that winter wonderland look!

Step into the world of sophistication and charm with the Manhattan Midnight centerpiece! This dazzling holiday arrangement is full of classic elegance. A modern silver container is filled with lush and fresh noble fir, cedar, and pine then beautifully accented with silver ball ornaments, red berries, pinecones, and a stunning hand-tied bow of glittery silver and black velvet. The result is an astonishing arrangement for gatherings, parties, or to send as a special gift. It’s also perfect to celebrate the New Year. It’s a magnificent arrangement that celebrates the season while capturing the dynamic spirit of the Manhattan skyline.

An Interesting U.S. Tradition: The Pickle Ornament

The "Pickle Ornament" tradition consists of hiding a green glass pickle ornament within the boughs of a family's Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Whoever finds it will receive an extra present!

Unique Candle Centerpieces

Illuminate your dinner table with intriguing candle centerpieces. A traditional candelabrum, pillar candles, or tea light holders contrast with tabletop decor, finishing the display. A personalized candle centerpiece adds a festive touch to your Christmas dinner, creating a cozy atmosphere for holiday gatherings.

Our exquisite Cascade Centerpiece, in its classic design, is a gorgeous traditional arrangement that has been a beloved traditional arrangement throughout the years. Often given as a gift, this popular Christmas centerpiece beautifully combines fresh noble fir, white pine, and incense cedar. It is embellished with two pomegranate-red taper candles, festive red accent bows, pinecones, holiday apples and berries, and bright gold ball clusters. A perfect holiday decoration for any table, this grand and gorgeous piece is sure to delight any recipient this holiday.

Explore and Be Inspired

As you plan to transform your holiday table into a seasonal masterpiece, remember to select versatile Christmas decorations that open up endless possibilities for style expressions. Browse our range of centerpiece options that cater to all tastes and preferences this holiday season!