Christmas Wreaths for the Quintessential Christmas House

September 08, 2023  •  3 min read

Christmas Wreaths for the Quintessential Christmas House

One iconic image immediately comes to mind when we think of quintessential Christmas home decor: ‘The Home Alone’ house. Nestled in a cozy neighborhood, this movie home perfectly embodies the holiday season's magic, and one key element stands out - the Christmas wreath. Let's compare artificial wreaths to fresh ones, discuss how to hang a holiday wreath, and cover fun ways to decorate for the holidays!

Fresh vs Faux Holiday Wreaths

A Christmas wreath is more than just a decoration; it symbolizes warmth, welcome, and the holiday spirit. What makes a wondrous Christmas wreath? It starts with genuine fresh evergreen pieces, like juniper, salal leaf, and noble fir. These natural elements bring a fragrant and authentic touch to your holiday home. While some people opt for faux holiday wreaths, fresh greenery is better for the environment and more striking than pine artificial Christmas wreaths. With regular watering, Lynch Creek Farm Christmas wreaths last up to six weeks outdoors.

Choosing the Right Christmas Wreath For You

At Lynch Creek Farm, we carry a variety of holiday wreaths ensuring you have plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a classic, you can’t go wrong with our bestseller, The Traditional. This fresh Christmas wreath overflows with fragrant greenery, including noble fir, cedar, and juniper.

We suggest our Woodland Gnome, which features a whimsical gray plush gnome for a playful take on the front door wreath. For those looking to make a statement, our Red Western Wildberry is a showstopper with its abundance of wintery, creamy-white berries and natural pine cones. If you love the pinecone look but aren’t a fan of a red berry wreath, choose one of our pinecone wreaths such as the best seller, Deep Red Blended Bay.

How to Hang a Holiday Wreath

All of the Lynch Creek Farm wreaths can come with the wreath hanger of your choice. Select from our standard rustic hanger or one of five other choices available in colors like gold, silver, and red. To use the hanger, slip it over the top of your door and make sure it's secure, then add your wreath to the hook. Double-check to make sure it's hanging straight and you're all set. Now your door is ready to spread some holiday cheer.

Adding Lights to the Holiday Wreath

Our Christmas wreaths do not come pre-lit, but you can easily add a box of LED lights to your cart when you order your wreath. While some people prefer a pre-lit wreath, we feel it can lead to damage during shipping. To add lights to your Christmas wreath, tuck the lights into the greenery around the front of the wreath, concealing the battery pack behind the wreath. Ensure the lights are evenly distributed for a balanced appearance.

Wreaths are perfect Christmas decor whether you opt for unlit or pre-lit. While LED lights will brighten up your front door, they might outshine the natural beauty of wreaths that feature red berries, pinecone clusters, or multiple bows.

Use Holiday Wreaths In Inventive Ways

Christmas wreaths are a classic front-door Christmas decoration, but don’t discount other fun ways to decorate with wreaths. Hang them in your entryway for a joyful holiday surprise. Spread holiday cheer to the living room by hanging a wreath over the mantel. A Christmas home accent that we love is using a holiday wreath as a dining table centerpiece. Fill the center with warm white candles, scrunched burlap, pinecones, eucalyptus leaves, and magnolia leaves for a truly unique table centerpiece.

Giving Christmas Wreaths as Gifts

While Christmas wreaths make for perfect holiday decor, they are also one of the best holiday gift ideas. Instead of gifting a pot of poinsettias, send your loved one a holiday wreath straight from the Lynch Creek Farm website. Our wreaths can be hung inside or out, making it a versatile and welcome gift. For people who do not have the space for a full Christmas tree, wreaths can be a space-saving yet festive solution. Unlike the usual Christmas decorations like ornaments and picture frames, fresh, fragrant greenery wreaths are truly a unique and special Christmas gift.

The Classic Holiday Decoration

Regarding holiday decor, only the Christmas tree surpasses the Christmas wreath in terms of iconic holiday status. Whether you DIY your holiday wreath with tinsel or order a fresh greenery wreath from Lynch Creek Farm, you won’t be sorry. Pre-lit or unlit, warm white light or clear lights, faux or fresh, pinecone wreath or red berry wreath - at the end of the day, any Christmas wreath is better than none!