Dried Wreaths for Every Occasion

August 17, 2023  •  4 min read

Dried Wreaths for Every Occasion

In the world of home decor, dried wreaths have taken center stage, offering a unique, timeless charm that works year-long for every occasion. From Easter and Mother's Day to Christmas and beyond, dried floral wreaths have become more than just decoration; they're a statement piece that adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to any space. In this blog post, we'll explore creative botanical wreath ideas that utilize dried flowers like hydrangea, lavender, and wildflowers, perfect for adding natural elegance to your home.

A New Kind of Flower Arrangement

While we’re all familiar with the typical bouquet floral arrangement in a vase, consider decorating outside the box. Our dried floral wreaths are designed to bring the outdoors inside. The fragrant blossoms, the subtle textures, and the vibrant colors create an enchanting focal point that adds warmth and character to your indoor spaces. Hang them on walls, adorn your mantel, or use them as captivating centerpieces to infuse your surroundings with the charm of nature.

Spring Wreath Ideas

Spring celebrations such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Passover, and St. Patrick’s Day call for colorful, vibrant home decor. Some of our favorite dried flower wreaths for spring include our Mountain Meadow wreath and Strawflower Garden wreath. Our lovely Mountain Meadow wreath captures the magic of a flower meadow on a late summer day. A natural canvas of oat stalks, green caspia, and lime green phalaris beautifully highlights the colorful pastel hues of almond oats and yellow and pink strawflowers. Our Strawflower Garden wreath features striking burgundy celosia (also called coxcomb) combined with pale pink strawflowers.

Summer Wreaths

Summer is the season for hydrangeas, sunflowers, and zinnias! Welcome the rich, bright colors of summer with our English Garden wreath featuring deep rich purple globe amaranthus, English lavender, white daisies, deep fuchsia strawflowers, and preserved violet-colored hydrangeas decorating the beautiful willow twig and salal base. Sunshine and Citrus is among our best sellers due to its stunning blend of bright yellow sunflowers and dried citrus quince slices, accented with natural yarrow and yellow flax pods.

When the 4th of July rolls around, consider celebrating America’s independence with one of our festive red, white, and blue dried wreaths. The Heartland exudes rustic charm with its palm stems, blue, red, and bleached sudan grass, bleached phalaris, and equinops (a small globe thistle).

Dried Wreaths for Autumn

As the weather cools, colors warm up, with orange and reds taking center stage. Our Autumn Eucalyptus wreath features three types of eucalyptus mixed with oval salal leaves and rustic wheat bundles to create this breathtaking fall wreath.

Cascade Sunset is another popular fall wreath due to its beautiful orange myrtle (which resembles boxwood). October Harvest includes real hand-arranged dried cherry pumpkins and grapevine for a perfectly autumnal home decor accent.

Where to Display Dried Flower Wreaths

As you can see, the variety of dried flower wreaths is plentiful. Whether you’re ordering a handcrafted wreath online or intend to DIY one yourself, these dried wreaths are a lovely alternative to traditional tabletop centerpieces. Hang them above the dining room table or in your entryway. Make them the focal point of your living room by hanging them above the mantle.

Remember, dried flower wreaths are more delicate than hardy evergreen Christmas wreaths so they are best suited inside rather than on your front door.

Dried Wreaths vs Silk Wreaths

Dried wreaths stand as a testament to the authentic beauty of nature, offering a unique charm that sets them apart from their silk counterparts. Unlike silk wreaths, they emulate the nature of dried wreaths and embody it by showcasing real flowers, fruits, herbs, pine cones, and avena oats that have been carefully hand-collected and naturally dried. While silk wreaths might provide consistent pleasing effects, dried wreaths infuse spaces with an organic elegance that truly connects with nature's ever-changing beauty.

Dried Wreaths Make A Unique Gift

This year, skip the standard flower arrangement birthday gift and send something a little more unique and long-lasting. Each of our handcrafted dried wreaths captures the beauty of real flowers, fruits, herbs, and grasses, making it a memorable and timeless gesture.

For example, our Lavender Delight Gift Set is a best seller that comes with a dried lavender bunch and a dried Lavender Wreath. Enjoy FREE standard ground shipping on all contiguous U.S. orders. Choose an approximate ship date during checkout, and give a gift your loved ones aren’t soon to forget!

With Lynch Creek Farm’s dried wreath collection, you’re invited to embrace the splendor of the natural world. Discover the magic of real flowers, herbs, and plants meticulously arranged to bring a touch of natural elegance and grace into your home. Whether as a gift or a cherished addition to your home decor, our dried wreaths celebrate the beauty of each season in a way that only nature can.

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