Embrace French Charm In Lavender Flowers

April 29, 2024  •  3 min read

Embrace French Charm In Lavender Flowers

Dried floral wreaths made by our skilled artisans bring the charm of a traditional fragrant lavender wreath to your home decor. The wreath is perfect for the spring summer seasons with its lavender bouquet of violet and green. Lavender plants with enough direct sunlight, blossom in the late spring in Provence and make for the most vibrant flower wreaths when they are dried and bound properly.

A feast for the senses in addition to their visual allure, lavender bunches impart a soothing fragrance that both calms and refreshes. Paired with greenery such as grapevine or eucalyptus wreaths, your door decor becomes an aromatic escape reminiscent of fragrant European gardens.

Bring Serenity Home with a Lavender Wreath

Simple, natural, and wonderfully fragrant, our delightful Lavender Delight Gift Set makes a lovely statement. Natural, dried English lavender is beautifully assembled to make this sweet set. This set includes a mini 10” dried lavender wreath and an 11” matching bouquet wrapped in kraft paper. They are easy to display and will look beautiful in any room, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Packaged beautifully and makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Designed for indoor use.

Accessorizing Your Wreath

Elevating your decorative masterpiece is as simple as adding several purple flowers or wildflowers for a pop of color. Don't forget a stylish hanger to put your door wreath on display. With the right blend of elements, you'll create an awe-inspiring entrance that captivates during Easter, Mother's Day, and beyond.

Our beautiful Blushing Blooms wreath will warm up hearts and homes alike. With a charming heart shape and delicate dried flowers, it makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or to surprise a loved one any day. This lovely wreath is hand-assembled with alternating pink reindeer moss and white ammobium strawflowers to create an eye-catching color block pattern. It will look gorgeous hung on a wall, in an entryway, over a bed, mantle, on an inside door, or any place to add a splash of heart-warming cheer. What a wonderful way to say “I love you.” It is a thoughtful gift that will last all year. 

Not Just for Doors

While a lavender wreath breathes life into front doors, its versatility extends further as it easily transforms into exquisite wall decor or centerpieces for tables at family gatherings. The delightful composition pairs well alongside artificial wreaths for year-round elegance.

Introducing our stunningly full Coastal Breeze dried floral wreath, an elegant combination of timeless beauty and modern natural style. Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wreath boasts an exquisite pallet of natural textures and neutral tones reminiscent of our local coastline. We thoughtfully combine a plethora of natural green fern, integrifolia leaves, bleached phalaris, white daisies, and add English lavender to create this breezy hand-crafted beauty. Wonderfully lush and elegant, it can be enjoyed for many seasons and compliments any style. The tasteful wreath evokes a sense of serenity and calm, and along with its versatile style, makes it a wonderful gift. 

Cherish Seasonal Sensations

As the seasons change, so does your decor. Transition gracefully from spring wreaths into gorgeous summer bouquets or embrace festivities with fall wreaths touched by hints of orange and red. Transform your lavender wreath with hanging accessories marking major holidays like Christmas or Valentine's Day.

A Unique American Christmas Tradition

Though Lynch Creek Farm evokes the spirit of a European garden, it's crucial to recognize the unique Christmas traditions celebrated in the United States. One such tradition is the "Christmas Pickle," where a green ornament resembling a pickle is hidden within the folds of a Christmas tree. The child who finds the pickle receives an extra gift from Santa!

Experience Effortless Shopping

When selecting your perfect lavender wreath, enjoy a seamless checkout process marked by accessibility for all. Need assistance? Count on our attentive team to help you find your ideal SKU - reflecting your taste and complementing your home's vibrant character.

Now is the time to welcome serenity into your abode. Immerse yourself in timeless beauty with a lavender wreath - where style meets fragrance and sophistication greets warmth.