Embrace the Beauty of Fall with Live Wreaths

July 20, 2023  •  3 min read

As the air turns crisp and the leaves transform into a kaleidoscope of colors, it's time to adorn your home with the enchanting charm of fall evergreen wreaths. Lynch Creek Farm proudly presents a stunning collection of live wreaths that captures the essence of the season and proves that our beautiful wreaths shine beyond the standard Christmas decoration. From the elegant Magnolia Bay to the vibrant Pacific Sunset, and the captivating Dark Orange Blended Bay to the Majestic Magnolia, our fall wreaths and swags are the perfect addition to your home decor. Let's explore the captivating beauty and versatility of these fresh evergreen wreaths and you’ll quickly see why these are some of our best sellers.

Magnolia Bay Wreath: Experience the timeless elegance of our Magnolia Bay Wreath. Adorned with lush greenery, and rich magnolia leaves this front door wreath brings a touch of sophistication to any space. Hang it on your front door to welcome guests with a nod to the holiday season or use it as a stunning centerpiece to elevate your table decor.

Pacific Sunset Wreath: Immerse yourself in the warm hues of autumn with our Pacific Sunset Wreath. Bursting with a vibrant blend of oranges, yellows, and reds, this wreath embodies the spirit of the season. The combination of fresh greenery, pine cones, and colorful foliage creates a captivating visual display that adds a cheerful touch to your home.

A holiday wreath of noble fir and western red cedar with faux pumpkins, faux acorns, sage accents, leaf and berry accents, 2 copper ball clusters, 2 bright green ball clusters, 3 gold pinecones, 4 Australian pinecones, 1 ponderosa pinecone, and a brushed green linen bow on a white brick background.

Pacific Sunset


Dark Orange Blended Bay Wreath: Create a striking statement with our Dark Orange Blended Bay Wreath. Its deep shades of orange, combined with the rich greenery, offer a unique and eye-catching design perfect for your door decor. Hang it for a bold pop of color or use it as an exquisite wall decor piece to celebrate the holiday season in style.

Christmas wreath with bay leaves, pine cones with an orange brushed linen bow on a dark wood background.

Dark Orange Blended Bay


Majestic Magnolia Wreath: Indulge in the grandeur of our Majestic Magnolia wreath. Crafted with fresh magnolia leaves, pinecones, and red berries this wreath exudes timeless beauty. Its classic appeal makes it a perfect choice for any occasion, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, it is sure to catch your eye for any occasion.

Majestic Magnolia


While these holiday wreaths are perfect for the fall season, their beauty extends beyond the holiday decorations. Their versatile designs make them suitable for various occasions throughout the year. Transform them from winter decor into stunning spring or summer wreaths by adding fresh flowers and vibrant accents. Embrace the DIY spirit and explore endless possibilities to create personalized wreaths that reflect your unique style and taste whether it’s a love for classic flower wreaths, fresh Christmas wreaths, or an edge for an Art Deco-inspired design.

Experience the Freshness: At Lynch Creek Farm, we take pride in delivering the freshest handmade wreaths. Each wreath is crafted with care using premium materials sourced directly from our farm. Our commitment to quality ensures that your wreath will maintain its vibrant appearance and captivating fragrance throughout the holiday season.

Celebrate the enchantment of fall and winter with a live Christmas wreath from Lynch Creek Farm. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of Magnolia Bay, the vibrant colors of Pacific Sunset, the bold statement of Dark Orange Blended Bay, or the classic beauty of Majestic Magnolia, these wreaths will add a touch of charm to your home decor. Embrace the holiday season and beyond with fresh evergreen wreaths that capture the essence of nature's beauty as we enter into another new year. Explore our collection today and elevate your front door, wall decor, or centerpiece with the allure of live wreaths. Remember to stop back when the weather is warm for a lovely spring wreath or dried flower wreath for your indoor decor needs.