Fall Wreath Magic: Lynch Creek Farm's Autumnal Masterpieces

October 16, 2023  •  4 min read

Fall Wreath Magic: Lynch Creek Farm's Autumnal Masterpieces

Ever walked through a golden-hued forest, feeling the sound of leaves underfoot and inhaling the crisp scent of autumn? That's what welcoming fall feels like. But why should this enchantment stay outdoors?

Imagine bringing that magic to your doorstep with a handmade Fall Wreath. You're not just hanging outdoor decor; you're setting up an emblem of warm welcomes, autumn harvests, and heartfelt gratitude from your front porch.

Celebrating Autumn with Lynch Creek Farm's Fall Wreaths

Each fall wreath is a tribute to nature’s bountiful harvest. With rich tones and intricate designs, these stunning creations embody gratitude for this beautiful time of year. Made with colorful fallen leaves that have been carefully selected from around our farm, they often feature seasonal elements like mini pumpkins or berry sprigs.

Incorporating both tradition and innovation into our designs helps us stand out in the crowd. We use materials ranging from classic fall foliage like maple leaves to unique items like white pumpkin magnolia.

Pick Up a Best Seller to Set The Season



Frosted Blueberry

Grace your front door or home with our simply gorgeous Frosted Blueberry Wreath. Incredibly versatile, this front door decor works perfectly for fall as well as the holiday season and all through winter. Lifelike blueberries in various sizes are beautifully clustered together like a twig wreath on layered branches to create this complete and lush faux 24" wreath.

The blueberries are lightly frosted with a gorgeous, weathered effect. Their deep, rich blue coloring creates a truly elegant look. They are assembled on a natural twig base. Carefree and easy to maintain, this wreath works outdoors or in, so you can display it on your front door, above a living room mantel, or on a wall. Sturdy and high-quality, it can be enjoyed for years to come.




 Majestic Magnolia leaf wreath

Majestic Magnolia

With a perfect combination of elegance and grandeur, our stunning Majestic Magnolia leaf wreath represents fall and holiday splendor. Handcrafted on a base of fresh and lush noble fir, cedar, and white pine, we artfully add real southern magnolia leaves and bay leaves along with accents of burgundy berries, pinecones, and a shimmery gold/orange bow.

With its deep, glossy fall leaves that are carefully arranged to highlight their natural luster, this front door wreath has a timeless beauty and radiates sophistication and autumn colors. Fabulous for fall, Thanksgiving, and the holiday seasons, it transitions beautifully from autumn to Christmas. Whether hung on the front door to greet visitors or gracing your mantel, this beauty will surely captivate hearts and fill your home with elegance.





Blazing Beauty

A testament to the artistry in decorating ideas, our exquisite Blazing Beauty Wreath is majestic and captivating. A stunning blend of preserved silver dollar and spiral eucalyptus comprise the bed of this fall floral wreath, with accents of orange flax pods throughout. The stars of this botanical marvel are the striking yet elegant protea flowers intertwined around the wreath.

Protea repens flowers, or “sugarbush,” have a timeless, feathery artichoke-like appearance. In a gorgeous tangerine color, each bloom exudes an aura of grace and resilience. Their combination with green eucalyptus leaves results in a style that is captivatingly beautiful. It is perfect for fall colors while carrying through to other seasons of the year.

About our Dried Wreath Collection: Our beautiful dried flower wreaths are all-natural and crafted by hand with real flowers, fruits, herbs, grasses, and other plants. All of the materials are grown, hand-collected, and naturally dried. Because every fall door wreath is completely handmade, no two are identical and will vary from the version in the website photos. These natural botanical wreaths are designed for indoors with beautiful fall flowers for your dining room. Our dried floral wreaths are shipped in natural brown boxes. A small amount of natural shedding is expected and will occur during transit.

The Symbolism Behind Fall Wreaths

A circular shape has deep symbolic significance in many cultures - it represents unity and infinity; endless love for family and friends, and even a passage through time itself. And what better way than an autumn wreath on your door to share this sentiment?

Incorporating Flora in Fall Wreath Designs

Fall flora is much more than just leaves. Take, for example, hydrangea, mums, and peony, two floral stars that often grace fall wreaths with their presence. The former adds volume with its full blossoms, while the latter brings elegance through its glossy green leaves and grand white flowers.

The Role of Greenery in Fall Wreaths

Beyond vibrant hues, greenery plays a significant role by providing a lush backdrop against the fall season colors. It creates depth within your wall decor or door display while balancing out bright accents like red berry sprigs.

A great way to achieve this balance is using artificial maple foliage as part of your design—it looks stunningly real but requires zero maintenance.

Dive into the magic of fall wreaths. From pinecones to magnolia, every piece adds a unique touch. Brands like Nearly Natural offer quality fall decor materials for your masterpiece.

Different Types of Fall Wreaths for Your Front Door

As autumn rolls in so does the charm and allure of pumpkin wreaths for Halloween. Pumpkin decor is a hallmark sign of the harvest season. Lynch Creek Farm offers exquisite pumpkin wreath designs that are sure to make your front door stand out.

What kind of foliage do you use for an autumn wreath?

An autumnal wreath can feature various flora like magnolia or hydrangea. Greenery provides a lush backdrop while pinecones add texture.

Lynch Creek Farm offers an array of handmade harvest wreaths – each uniquely capturing the essence of fall through diverse elements like pinecones, acorns, hydrangea, or magnolia leaves.

Adding ornaments of your own for some DIY touches is always encouraged. Don’t forget to look at our door hangers and other home decor for your entryway while shopping for our centerpieces and Christmas Wreaths. We look forward to your reviews and feedback.