Floral Wreaths for the Spring and Summertime

July 26, 2023  •  2 min read

Floral Wreaths for the Spring and Summertime

As we start noticing new flowers like magnolias, peonies, and forsythia blooming around us, we start thinking of ways to celebrate and welcome the warmer weather by decorating for the season. Floral wreaths are always trending, and Lynch Creek Farm is on trend with our own selection of spring and summer floral wreaths! In addition to our beloved evergreen berry wreaths with burlap bows, centerpieces, and swags, we’re now offering a collection of summertime and spring wreaths with floral designs that can be used throughout the year inside your home. Our Dried Floral wreath collection features over twenty different dried and handmade greenery wreaths. Each beautiful wreath is crafted to perfection with herbs, plants, wildflowers, fruits, and an assortment of other spring foliage decorations that were planted, harvested, and assembled by hand creating a unique look with each product.

Floral and Greenery Wreaths for Spring

Our dried floral wreaths are perfect for spring and summer as well as holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day because of their floral decorations, bright spring colors, and fresh designs. If you’re looking for a simple spring greenery wreath, the Sweet Huck is beautiful, made from the huckleberry shrug, which has bright green branches and green leaves. If you’re in the market for a flower wreath, Garden Romance and Forever Zinnia are wonderful options for you. Two gift sets are also available, one with lavender and one with larkspur. The Larkspur Love Gift Set comes with a 10-inch dried larkspur wreath and a bouquet. The Lavender Delight Gift Set comes with a small lavender wreath and a lavender bouquet. Any of these options will be a delightful addition to your home or a wonderful gift!



Colorful and Fresh Dried Floral Wreaths for Summer and Early Fall

Our summer and early fall dried wreaths are a mix of sunflower wreaths and other autumn home decor options. Some of our favorites are the Sunflower Season wreath,  Sunflower Duet, and the Sunflower Moon wreath, which looks similar to a grapevine wreath or hoop wreath. For the transition into the fall and winter seasons, our wreaths made with eucalyptus are a festive choice, such as the Autumn Eucalyptus wreath.

Our floral designs can be used as door wreaths but only on the inside, as this new collection is not recommended to use as outdoor decor. We recommend placing your new spring decor on the inside-facing front door, in the entryway, or as wall decor wherever you see an area that needs a little more spring or summer aesthetic. 

When the seasons are changing and you’re wanting to bring some beautiful color and festivity into your home, Lynch Creek Farm is here to provide you with unique, quality arrangements for every occasion. Check out our spring and summer wreaths, full of wonderful florals, colors, and other decorations. And don’t forget to add a wreath hanger to your order checkout!