From Flower Wreaths to Christmas Wreaths

August 08, 2023  •  2 min read

From Flower Wreaths to Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths have been a cherished and symbolic part of home decor since ancient times. In ancient Greece and Rome, they were worn as a symbol of victory and achievement, while today, they are often hung on the front door or entryway as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Wreaths can be made from a wide variety of botanicals, including fresh or dried flowers, greenery, and natural elements, and can be used to decorate both the inside and outside of the home. This article will explore the many types of door wreaths, their meanings, and how to create them for various occasions and holidays.

The Boxwood

Boxwood Wreaths are one of the most versatile types of beloved door decor, as they can be dressed up or down based on the season. They can be decorated with ribbons, ornaments, or other embellishments to match the theme of the occasion. Having a sturdy wreath hanger is especially important if hung outside.

Leaves of Magnolia

Magnolia Wreaths are composed of magnolia leaves and are best sellers during the holiday season. They add a natural and rustic feel to decorations, making them perfect for traditional Christmas themes. The leaves on our Magnolia Bay wreath are also perfect for fall decorations, as they add a touch of elegance to the home.

Grapevine wreaths are also popular for holiday decorations as they are versatile and can be decorated with greenery. They are perfect for both Fall and Christmas decorations and bring a touch of nature and elegance to the holiday season.

Maple leaf wreaths are an excellent option for fall decorations, as they add color and warmth to the home during the holiday season. They can be decorated with plaid or burlap ribbons or a combination, creating a unique and personalized wreath perfect for any holiday season.

Halloween Wreaths made from branches and dried flowers can create a spooky and eerie atmosphere, perfect for the holiday. Pumpkin wreaths are a great way to add a touch of nature and festivity to your harvest wreath.

Christmas Wreaths are a traditional and beloved holiday decoration. They are not usually pre-lit if made by hand but for a good reason. You don’t want to sacrifice that fragrant pine or fir scent for a cheap artificial wreath. Instead, you can add some Christmas Swags after the fact and weave in battery-powered warm white LED lights around those Pine Cone Wreaths.

Berry Wreaths use different materials, such as red berries, pinecones, and acorns, so you can create a unique and personalized wreath that will be perfect for any holiday season or just enjoy our Brilliant Berries wreath instead.

Fall wreaths are a versatile and elegant way to add a touch of nature to your wall decor. There is nothing like the country elegance of the Farmhouse Holiday. This wreath transitions nicely from fall to winter with no changes needed.

Floral wreaths are a colorful way to celebrate a housewarming or baby shower with a showpiece flower wreath in the living room.

With so many occasions and wreaths to choose from, look for natural fresh wreaths for your home or as gifts for your family and friends and save yourself hours of DIY headaches.