How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Wreath for Your Home

July 20, 2023  •  3 min read

How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Wreath for Your Home

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and festivities. It's also when you can show your holiday spirit by decorating your front door, living room, or any part of your home with festive decorations. One of the most popular holiday decorations is the wreath. However, there are so many types and styles of wreaths to choose from that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will help you choose the perfect Christmas wreath for your home!

Consider The Size Of Your Wreath

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a holiday wreath is the size. Ensure the wreath is proportional to the space you plan to hang it. For example, if you have a small space, like a window, you would want to choose a smaller wreath like our 18” Window Wreath or a swag. But if you have ample space, like a fireplace, you can go with an oversized wreath.

Christmas wreath made of fir, cedar, and juniper with pine cones and a burgundy with gold back bow on a wood background.

18" Burgundy Window Wreath


The Placement Of The Wreath

Another thing to consider is the placement of the wreath. You need to decide if you want to hang it inside or outside your home. If you plan on hanging it on the inside, make sure that the wreath won't be in the way of any doors or windows. If you plan on hanging it on the outside without adequate protection, make sure that the wreath is weather resistant.

The Type Of Wreath

Now that you've considered the size and placement of the wreath, it's time to choose the type of wreath. There are many different types of wreaths to choose from. Some of the most common wreath materials and decorations include magnolia leaves, plaid bows, pom pom, sprigs, snowmen, snowflakes, jingle bells, white lights, eucalyptus leaves, red berries, pinecones, and other greenery. With so many possibilities, from berry wreaths, pinecone wreaths, grapevine wreaths, and eucalyptus wreaths to ornament wreaths, and twig wreaths, there are endless options for styles to match your Christmas decor. Choose a wreath that you think will best match your holiday decor or fit in best with the themes, style, and colors of your room.

Pre-Lit Artificial Vs. Fresh Cut

Another thing to consider when choosing a holiday wreath is whether you want a pre-lit wreath or a fresh-cut wreath. Pre-lit artificial Christmas wreaths are convenient because they come with the already-attached lights. However, they typically all look the same and can be found on Amazon, Wayfair, or Etsy. Fresh-cut wreaths may need to be decorated with lights, but they look more natural and unique.

Matching Your Current Home Decor

Once you've considered all of the above factors, it's time to choose a wreath that matches your current home decor. If you have a modern home, you might want to choose a more contemporary wreath like our Pacific Pepperberry. If you have a traditional home, you might want to select a more classic wreath, such as the Plaid Bow Traditional. To coordinate their Christmas decorations, most people look for a wreath that matches their Christmas tree, centerpieces, poinsettias, or other door decorations.

Pacific Pepperberry                                                                          Plaid Bow Traditional



Order With Lynch Creek Farms Today

Now that you know how to choose the perfect holiday wreath for your home, it's time to order yours! Lynch Creek Farms offers a wide variety of holiday wreaths. While you can always grab some hot glue and DIY your own creation, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous, homemade wreath holiday season?

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