How To Pick Out The Right Christmas Wreath

November 18, 2021  •  3 min read

How To Pick Out The Right Christmas Wreath

You know that time of year is right around the corner, and you're thinking about getting a Christmas wreath for your front door or entryway. Perhaps, instead, you're looking for a gift idea to add excitement to a friend's holiday decorations and home decor with a piece they'll love. 

But there are so many choices. How do you pick? At Lynch Creek Farm, we specialize in holiday wreaths and helping to spread the holiday cheer through our gorgeous decorations. Here's what you need to know before picking the proper Christmas wreath.

Look At The Materials Used

There are lots of options for your Christmas wreath, but some materials outlast others. When you're shopping, look at the construction and materials used in making your wreath and think about how long you'll be able to enjoy it before next year's season rolls around. Do you want a pine artificial Christmas wreath? Or would you prefer a fresh and fragrant evergreen like the ones we hand make here at Lynch Creek Farm? While some artificial wreaths come pre-lit with LED lights that never need changing, they're not quite the same as the fresh smell and look of natural wreaths. We believe nothing is better during the holidays than a lush and full fresh live wreath for your home.

Consider The Embellishments

One thing that really makes a wreath stand out is beautiful, festive embellishments. There are many ways to make your wreath attractive, but these are some of our favorite touches that you might find on a Christmas wreath.

  • Ribbon Or Garland - Ribbon and bows on or around a wreath can add elegance or whimsy, depending how it’s tied or where it's added to the wreath. Consider all the different colors to choose from to make your Christmas decorations stand out and compliment your home decor.
  • Bows And Berries - A big red bow at the center of your wreath can be classic or modern - it's all up to you! It pairs beautifully with greenery to step up your holiday decor. Berry wreaths are a great alternative to use with bows or by themselves to create a statement.
  • Tinsel - Anyone who knows anything about Christmas decorating knows tinsel is always in style, especially on Christmas trees. This pretty, shiny material adds dimension and movement to holiday decor. If you have some at home for your tree, you can add some to your wreath to add some sparkle!

Other embellishments you might find on your wreath may include pinecones, poinsettia, hydrangea, eucalyptus, or even magnolia leaf

Consider The Lighting

Once you've picked out your wreath, it's time to think about lighting. Some artificial wreaths come pre-lit with LED lights that never need changing and may even be remote-controlled. However, adding a string of holiday multicolor or clear lights can complete the look of any fresh wreath. We have a variety of beautiful wreath lights to choose from. However, you don't necessarily need lighting, and an unlit live fresh wreath is still a gorgeous home accent in and of itself.

Find The Right Christmas Wreath For This Holiday Season

Lynch Creek Farm has a variety of fresh Christmas wreaths with lots of Christmas swag to choose from. We offer beautifully decorated wreaths with burlap bands, plaid bows, shiny red berries, or multicolored flowers for decorating around your house this season! Some best sellers include The Pacific Pepperberry and the Columbia Merlot. Instead of turning to artificial Christmas wreaths at places like the National Tree Company, choose homemade wreaths instead from the Lynch Creek Farm. We also have other Christmas decor to choose from. Whether you need a Christmas tabletop tree, Christmas garland, swags, or centerpieces, we have you covered!

       Columbia Merlot                                                                                                                               Pacific Pepperberry