Make Your Entryway Merry with Our Hand Crafted Outdoor Wreaths

April 16, 2024  •  4 min read

Make Your Entryway Merry with Our Hand Crafted Outdoor Wreaths

The Festive Welcome of a Christmas Wreath

An outdoor Christmas wreath on the front door is the quintessential symbol of a holiday welcome. Lynch Creek Farm's collection, featuring lush greenery and vibrant red berries, captures the spirit of the season, inviting warmth and joy into every home.

Illuminating Celebrations with LED Lights

The glow of warm white LED lights woven through a holiday wreath casts a cozy ambiance on chilly winter nights. Battery-operated for convenience, these wreaths ensure your holiday decor shines bright, welcoming guests with a cheerful radiance.

A holiday wreath of noble fir and white pine with faux red berries, 5 Australian cones, a keepsake red enamel “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” sign, and a red brushed-linen bow on a wood background.

Poinsettia and Pinecones: A Holiday Tradition

Nestled among the branches, the poinsettia blooms and pinecones bring a touch of natural beauty to outdoor Christmas wreath designs. These elements, symbolic of the holiday season, are lovingly arranged to create a timeless door wreath.

Add a touch of holiday of magic to your home with our lovely Believe in Magic wreath. A rustic and charming red enamel sign reads “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” and hangs on a beautiful backdrop of abundant fresh noble fir and white pine, creating a vintage feel. Red berries are scattered throughout the wreath with Austrian pinecones adding their rustic touch. And don’t forget the gorgeous red linen bow that was carefully hand-tied to make this magical Christmas wreath an stunning addition to your holiday decorations!  

Eucalyptus and Magnolia: A Modern Twist on Christmas Decor

Modern holiday decor embraces the silvery tones of eucalyptus and the southern charm of magnolia. When added to a Christmas wreath, these elements offer a fresh take on traditional holiday wreath aesthetics.


The Glow of Christmas Lights: A Beacon of Holiday Spirit

Christmas lights, from the classic clear lights to the festive multicolor options, are the jewels of the season. Whether outlining a Christmas garland or highlighting a pine artificial Christmas wreath, they are essential in celebrating the holiday season.

Wall Decor That Tells a Story

Beyond the door, wall decor becomes a canvas for holiday expressions. A berry wreath or a pine cone wreath, unlit yet stunning, can adorn any living room wall, bringing the essence of Xmas into the home.

Our Homestead Holiday wreath is a beautiful new addition that has already become a farm favorite! Bursting with red berries and pinecones, it’s perfect for adding a touch of traditional elegance to any home this holiday season. This wreath is handcrafted from locally gathered noble fir, cedar, and white pine then artfully combined with real bay leaves and white-pine pinecones along with plenty of red berries and a red hand-tied brushed-linen bow which add pops of festive color to the greenery. Full of natural beauty, this wreath is the perfect addition to any home décor and also makes a wonderful gift that is sure to be cherished all season long.



The Artistry of Handcrafted Wreaths

Lynch Creek Farm takes pride in offering handcrafted wreaths that are not available on platforms like Etsy.  Each branch tip is meticulously placed, and every red bow is tied with care, ensuring your holiday decorations are as unique as the season itself.

Our Cranberry Frost wreath will make a grand entrance into your holidays with a stunning show of festive frills and intoxicating fragrance. Fresh, natural noble fir and cedar and frosted pinecones are dressed up with shiny red and white balls, red crabapples, and silver berries. A glittery red bow heightens the fancy factor with its sparkle and elegance. Gift one to a friend (or to yourself!) this Christmas season and you’ll be sure to hear about it! 

Outdoor Use: Celebrating in Every Space

Designed for outdoor use, these wreaths withstand the elements, from a snowflake-kissed porch to a sunny yard. The robust construction ensures that your outdoor Christmas wreath remains a lasting part of your holiday decor.

The Finishing Touch: Wreath Hangers and Door Decor

A wreath hanger is more than just a practical tool; it's part of the festive display. Choose from decorative options that complement your door decor, ensuring that your Christmas wreath outdoor display is both secure and stylish.

Centerpiece Wreaths: The Heart of Holiday Decor

A centerpiece wreath, whether it graces a table or hangs on the door, is a focal point of holiday decor. With options from renowned brands like National Tree Company and Northlight, find the perfect centerpiece to match your Christmas tree and complete your holiday vision.

Boxwood and Ball Ornaments: A Playful Ensemble

The crisp green of boxwood wreaths, adorned with the colorful whimsy of ball ornaments, brings a playful yet elegant touch to any holiday decorations. These wreaths, perfect for both the front door and the entryway, are a merry invitation to the joys of the season.

Swag and Branch Tips: The Details of Deco

Swag hung over the mantel or along the stairwell, accented with branch tips and clear lights, adds a flowing, natural element to your holiday decorations. These details, carefully curated by Lynch Creek Farm, weave a story of holiday tradition and contemporary deco.