Natural Springtime Wreaths For Spring and Summer

April 01, 2022  •  3 min read

Natural Springtime Wreaths For Spring and Summer

When you hear the word wreath, you might think about the holiday season or about decorating your home when fall rolls around. But what you might not consider is decorating your home with a wreath during the spring and summertime, too. We have launched a collection with a gorgeous array of indoor and outdoor pastel summer and spring wreath that incorporate freshly-harvested flowers, plants, herbs, and fruits. Perfect for the entryway, banister, or living room, these springtime floral wreaths and summer wreath are now available and will ship from spring through the holidays!

Floral Wreaths for Holidays Throughout the Year

If you’re looking for some colorful spring-inspired wreaths, here are a few we’re excited about. First up is Garden Romance, an 18-inch wreath handcrafted with dried integrifolia, white larkspur, English lavender, pink phalaris, and white statice. With hints of lavender and bright pink, this wreath can be used to celebrate Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, and even as Easter decorations for Easter in April. Another great option we’re offering is the Larkspur Love Gift Set, a 10-inch wreath and an 11-inch bouquet made from dried pink and lavender larkspur. The wreath is perfect as spring decor on the wall or by the entryway, and the bouquet can be used with a vase to set a floral tone in your home. Another spring favorite we have is the Sunflower Season, a 22-inch sunflower wreath that includes natural botanicals such as eucalyptus, yellow coxcomb, white statice, red globe amaranths, salal leaves, and real sunflowers. If you’re looking for something smaller, Our Sunflower Moon wreath sits in an elegant crescent shape, mimicking the moon's shape with the same naturally-harvested flowers and plants as the sunflower wreath. All of these gorgeous designs make the perfect summer or spring door wreath for any home.


Sunflower Season

Colorful Indoor and Outdoor Spring Wreaths

Our new indoor collection also features eucalyptus wreaths, grapevine wreaths, lavender wreaths, and wildflower wreaths, all naturally preserved to showcase the colors of spring right in your own home. In addition to our new collection of spring floral wreath, we also still offer other indoor and outdoor greenery wreaths that have been best sellers for many years. Many of these are perfect for Christmas time. These include the eye-catching Royal Berries wreath, a berry wreath filled with pinecones, sprigs of white berries, blueberries, and gold and silver balls nestled in between, and Pacific Sunset. This beautiful 26-inch front door wreath includes mini faux yellow pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, berries, and sage. It also includes a hand-tied green linen bow that pulls the entire look together. You can also purchase a wreath hanger if you want to purchase an evergreen fall or Christmas holiday wreath for your front door.


Pacific Sunset

DIY Plant and Flower Wreaths

For a fun DIY project, purchasing a wreath with a minimal design like the Three Cedars and Blended Bay adding your decorations like magnolias, green leaves, hydrangeas, ranunculus, dahlias, forsythia, peonies, berries, and other real or artificial flowers can be a fun way to get creative and make your own peony wreath, magnolia wreath or forsythia wreath. These are beautiful front door decor options waiting to greet you or your guests when they walk through the door.


Three Cedars

We have an abundance of spring flowers wreaths that are ethically planted, harvested, and created so you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience decorating your home throughout the year. None of the options mentioned above are artificial wreaths; they are all made by hand with natural materials, which means that no two wreaths look alike as they are assembled separately by hand. Unlike Amazon or the National Tree Company, where you can potentially find artificial spring wreaths, Lynch Creek Farm values the materials used and the environment we harvest from. Whether you’re looking for an Easter wreath, an Independence Day wreath, or just a wreath to welcome in the spring equinox, let us be your one-stop shop for all your seasonal home decor needs.