Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths

October 01, 2022  •  3 min read

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths

We’re proud to offer beautiful, festive products to as many families as possible, and whether they live in the city and their style is more modern and classic or they find themselves in the country where they prefer a more rustic style, we have something for everyone. Our holiday wreath collection is comprised of 81 unique, handcrafted Christmas and fall wreaths with an array of decorations on each one including pieces like pinecones, hand-tied burlap and plaid bows, white and red berries, eucalyptus, Christmas ornaments, holly leaves, magnolias leaves, and so much more. For the customers looking for that extra country twang, we have a wide variety of options you’re sure to love.

Wreaths for Your Classic or Modern Farmhouse

Rustic farmhouse holiday decor is trending and we’re happy to include a few popular farmhouse Christmas wreaths in our overall collection. The Farmhouse Holiday, which includes a base of fresh noble fir and Western red cedar, is adorned with red metal speckled stars, faux green holly leaves, red berries, and frosted twigs. The simple but elegant Country Chic is a plaid wreath made with a fresh greenery base of noble fir and cedar and includes a beautiful striped burlap bow, white berries, and ponderosa pinecones. The Country Christmas is another beautiful berry wreath that includes a base of noble fir, pine, juniper, and incense cedar. Highlighted with country apples, red berries, clusters of small pinecones, and a hand-tied red and black plaid Christmas bow, this gorgeous wreath is designed to impress.

      Farmhouse Holiday                                            Country Chic                                             Country Christmas

Country Winter Wreaths for Your Front Door or Window

To keep with the rustic farmhouse style, you can’t go wrong hanging the Country Bells, which is made of noble fir and white pine boughs, decorated with red berry clusters, natural pinecones, red ornaments, white jingle bells, and a red linen bow with white edges to tie it all together. These winter wreaths are perfect to hang as door wreaths from a door hanger or on your window for everyone to see. They can be hung up by a wreath hanger, command hook, or even durable suction cups. It will be hard to pass up hanging these wreaths on your front door, but they can easily be used as a home decor focal point in your living room. It’s worth noting though that your Christmas decorations won’t last as long if brought inside as wall decor. The optimal place for your farmhouse decor is somewhere outside in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.

More Vibrant Fall and Winter Decorations for Your Home

Not only do we produce wreaths of all styles and designs including rustic Christmas wreaths, summer wreaths, and spring wreaths, but we also specialize in other Christmas decor including Christmas garlands, tabletop Christmas trees, swags, and centerpieces that are perfect for adding some festive charm to any table. DIY projects are also something we suggest as they are the perfect way to get creative with family and friends. If you’re wanting to add something personal and unique to one of our decorations, feel free to create a DIY farmhouse wreath with tinsel, lights, and flowers like hydrangeas and poinsettias. Wreath tutorials can be found online. 

Adorn your modern farmhouse or city home this year with some of the most beautiful hoop wreaths you’ll find on the market. There’s no better way to say Merry Christmas this holiday season than to say it with a beautiful holiday evergreen wreath.