Seasonal Splendor: Year-Round Wreaths for Front Door

October 16, 2023  •  4 min read

Seasonal Splendor: Year-Round Wreaths for Front Door

Ever stared at your wreaths for the front door, mesmerized by their charm, and wondered how they hold the power to transform an ordinary doorway into a warm welcome? That's because these circular beauties aren't just décor, but rather a silent storyteller of seasons. Each leaf, twig, or bloom delicately woven together reflects the heart of our homes.

A Vision For Each Season

Vibrant spring wreaths whisper tales of renewal as wildflowers bloom, and a boxwood wreath covered in forsythia is hung as the kids search for Easter Eggs in the yard.

Sunkissed Fields wreaths

Sunkissed Fields

Behold, Sunkissed Fields, a gorgeous new dried floral wreath that will transport you to a meadow blooming in a brilliant symphony of colors. Experience the sheer beauty of a trail, meadow, or field of flowers with this magical wreath. Handcrafted with care, it contains a joyful blend of white larkspur, yellow, orange, and fuchsia strawflower blooms, and pink flax pods while bright green phalaris adds the perfect elegant green accents. This botanical masterpiece is perfect for those of us who crave a touch of natural beauty and a burst of happy colors in our homes. Recommended for indoor use. 

A Sunflower Wreath in the entryway evokes the feeling of a summer wreath and a welcoming floral arrangement is a welcome sign for long sun-filled holidays as Fall harkens around the corner.



Golden Oak wreath

Golden Oak

As a crisp autumn breeze gently blows through the air, we’re excited about the transition to autumn and all the season brings. We capture this feeling with a new design masterpiece, our Golden Oak wreath. This botanical wonder is an enchanting symphony of rustic allure and timeless elegance. Preserved real sunflowers sit amongst a lush mix of green oats, sage, cream globe amaranth, flax pods, and orange oak leaves. The earthy color palette, adorned with green leaves and sunflowers, effortlessly evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth. It’s a head-turning beauty perfect for gifting and for fall and Thanksgiving gatherings.

Fall Wreaths with eucalyptus leaves, or magnolia leaf wreaths create fragrant and welcoming scents as Halloween approaches and front door decor welcomes trick-or-treaters with textures of burlap, peony, marigolds, as decorative wreaths are all the rage in shades of oranges, yellow and green.



 Falling Leaves dried botanical wreath

Falling Leaves

Introducing the epitome of autumn elegance, our luxurious Falling Leaves dried botanical wreath. This exquisite creation captures the essence of the season with its lush and gorgeous design. This dried flower wreath features a harmonious blend of natural elements including preserved spiral eucalyptus in amber and navy blue colors, a mix of sudan grass, and a tapestry of richly hued preserved orange and cafe-colored oak leaves. Completing this autumnal masterpiece is a delicate scattering of cream strawflowers around the wreath. These elements come together to form a mesmerizing display that is a true work of art, capturing the essence of fall in its most exquisite form!

Winter holiday decor wouldn’t be complete without Christmas wreaths on red wreath hangers, and bright red berry wreaths as outdoor wreaths. Pinecones in green wreaths in the living room.


 Eucalyptus Winter

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the winter season with our captivating eucalyptus wreath rich with dried botanicals! The 22” Eucalyptus Winter is a statement piece that captures the essence of winter and the holidays with its luxurious blue, green, and white hues. Reminiscent of a frost-kissed forest, it’s full of natural grace and elegance. Completely hand-crafted, preserved cedar, green spiral eucalyptus, and blue silver dollar eucalyptus leaves are assembled on a natural willow twig base. The lush base is then gorgeously accented with white twigs, snow-tipped pinecones, and faux silver cedar. The result is an exquisite design that will be effortlessly beautiful anywhere in the home. It’s a stunning focal point for any room and will last for many months. This is a dried botanical wreath and not a fresh evergreen wreath. It can be enjoyed indoors well past the holidays and all winter long! Display it indoors and it will last for many months! 

The Allure of Front Door Wreaths: A Journey Through Seasons

Decorating a front door with finesse adds an enchanting touch to any home. It not only welcomes guests but also adds charm to your home decor. One way homeowners achieve this is through the use of wreaths. But wreaths aren't just for Christmas; they're year-round staples that bring life and personality to your front porch.

FAQs in Relation to Wreaths for Front Door

What does a wreath on the front door mean?

A wreath on the front door often symbolizes welcome and hospitality. It's also a creative way to express your style or celebrate seasons and holidays.

What can I put on my front door instead of a wreath?

You could hang things like decorative signs, banners, picture frames, monograms or even repurposed old window panes for an artistic twist.

Where should a wreath be placed on a door?

The ideal place for hanging your wreath is in the middle of your door at eye level. But there are no hard rules - get creative.

How do I make my own door wreath?

To DIY a custom-made doorstep stunner: choose materials that suit you (like fresh flowers), grab wire cutters, floral tape & foam base; assemble with love, and voila.

There are of course many vendors these days from Amazon to Wayfair offering options for a holiday makeover. We like to think that we stand out because of our freshly harvested materials and artisanal craftsmanship rather than the common artificial. The greenery wreaths above be they spring or winter wreaths are some of our best sellers. We have door hangers and an array of lights to choose from.