Seasonal Wreaths That Bring Festive Cheer to Your Home All Year Round

April 14, 2024  •  3 min read

Seasonal Wreaths That Bring Festive Cheer to Your Home All Year Round

At Lynch Creek Farm we don’t just promote our products, we acknowledge the beauty of many different types of wreaths that can grace your home on a new door hanger. Below you will find the many glorious types of wreaths based on season and style categories.

Spring Wreaths: Colorful Blossoms to Brighten Your Day

Embrace simplicity, nature, and delightful fragrance with our charming Lavender Delight lavender wreath and bouquet. Natural, dried English lavender is beautifully assembled to make this sweet set. This set includes a mini 10” dried lavender wreath and an 11” matching bouquet wrapped in kraft paper. They are easy to display and will have a beautiful appearance in any room, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Packaged beautifully and makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift

Get to experience the artistry of the natural world, our beautiful Blazing Beauty eucalyptus wreath is majestic and captivating. A mesmerizing combination of preserved silver dollar and spiral eucalyptus comprise the bed of this wreath with accents of orange flax pods throughout. The stars of this botanical marvel are the striking yet charming elegant protea flowers intertwined around the wreath. Protea repens flowers, also known as “sugarbush”, have a timeless, feathery artichoke-like appearance. In a gorgeous tangerine color, each bloom exudes an aura of grace and resilience. Combined with the lush green eucalyptus leaves, this wreath creates a captivatingly beautiful style. It is perfect for fall front door wreath while carrying through to other seasons of the year.

Transport yourself to a blooming meadow or a vibrant field of flowers with our stunning Sunkissed Fields wreath. Experience the sheer beauty of a trail, meadow, or a field of flowers with this magical wreath. Handcrafted with care, it contains a joyful combination of white larkspur, yellow, orange, and fuchsia strawflower blooms, and pink flax pods while bright green leaves, forsythida adds the perfect wild flower wreath accents. This botanical masterpiece brings a touch of natural beauty and a burst of vibrant colors as an alternative to a tulip wreath.

Summer Wreaths: Embracing Lush Greenery

This Three Cedars greenery wreath is made fresh daily with cedar picked from the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. The enchanting scent of this mixed cedar wreath will fill your home, invoking the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. The wreath base is made of western red, incense, and Port Orford cedars and is finished with tightly woven white pine. Cedar boughs are naturally more droopy and less stout compared to other evergreens, so this wreath has a loose, relaxed, and more flowing style than those made with noble fir. It's simple, natural beauty and delightful fragrance will create a welcoming atmosphere and is one of our farm favorites. Also offered with a gorgeous deep red brushed-linen bow.

A number of requests came for sunflower wreaths, and we are overjoyed  to bring you this with this glorious new addition to our sunflower wreath collection! Get a hold of our stunning Sunshine and Citrus wreath. Cheerful and bright yellow sunflowers are the stars of the show and are beautifully accompanied by dried citrus quince slices. They are decorated with natural yarrow and yellow flax pods on an all-natural base of preserved lemon leaves. The result is a joyful and elegant boxwood wreath design that will make your home decor stand out!

Fall Wreaths: Rich Welcoming Hues

- Hydrangea Wreath: Fall-themed decorations like hydrangea blooms and bountiful berry wreaths add warmth and color to your home decor.

- Boxwood and Grapevine Wreath: These wreaths incorporate earthy tones, which are perfect for adorning your living room or entryway during the fall season.

Winter Wreaths: A Cozy Touch for Your Home

- Christmas Wreath and Peony/Pinecone Combination: Traditional Christmas wreaths crafted with peonies, pinecones, and other embellishments bring holiday cheer and elegance to your front door or wall decor.

-Berry Wreath: Classic holiday magic in shades of red and green. Speaks for itself in the long tradition of Holiday Traditions.

- Magnolia Wreath and Green Wreath: Discover the beauty of magnolia leaves in a wintry green wreath. These decorative wreaths can also feature accents like candle holders for added warmth.

At Lynch Creek Farm, we are proud to offer high-quality, handmade artisanal wreaths that fit with the changing seasons. You won’t find our newest arrivals at your local store, but you can easily shop on our website for our best sellers in seasonal home decor. And don't forget to pick up a sturdy wreath hanger for accessibility and ease when displaying your new wreaths all year round!