Small Fall Wreaths to Warm Your Home

May 19, 2024  •  3 min read

Small Fall Wreaths to Warm Your Home

Charming Elegance in Compact Design

Elevate your home decor this season with a small fall wreath handcrafted by artisans at Lynch Creek Farm. Accentuate your front door, living room, or entryway with meticulously arranged florals and foliage that capture the essence of autumn's beauty. Whether you prefer a hydrangea wreath, an eucalyptus wreath, or a pinecone wreath, our collection has a piece perfect for every space.

Trending Fall Aesthetics

Our autumn wreath selection showcases trends inspired by nature and will inspire you with your fall decor. Sunflower wreaths radiate warmth and happiness, while pumpkin wreaths introduce everyone’s favorite seasonal accessory at your doorstep. Berry and magnolia arrangements intertwine perfectly with burlap accents to create rustic charm in wall decor or tabletop centerpieces. Maple leaves, gourds, and mini pumpkins impart hybrid elements of Halloween and Thanksgiving in exuberant fall floral compositions.

Enjoy the magic of the seasons’ change with our amazing Pacific Sunset wreath. The charm of the golden fall season is caught in this delightful collection of faux pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, fall leaves, berries, and sage. Copper and green ball clusters add touches of elegance, and a wonderful hand-tied green linen bow is added as the finishing touch. They sit on a bed of fresh noble fir and western red cedar. If autumn’s your favorite season, this sensational fall wreath is for you, and it’s a stunning way to greet your guests this autumn, Thanksgiving, or holiday season! 

The Art of Handcrafted Decor

At Lynch Creek Farm, artisans meticulously craft each grapevine wreath using materials such as fall leaves, pinecones, or acorns. Experience the authenticity of a unique Etsy find with the accessibility of well-established expertise. The love for our craft shines through each flower and twig incorporated into our hot glue-bonded creations fit for adorning any front porch.

Year-Round Seasonal Appeal

Our collection caters to every taste without compromising on the quality that is synonymous with Lynch Creek Farm. The fall line may showcase many different elements like peonies nestled among greenery alongside dried flowers and eucalyptus nestling against a year-round hydrangea arrangement. Whether celebrating harvest maple or simply enhancing door wreath aesthetics, we've got you covered.

Lush and vibrant, our Huckleberry Bliss wreath is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Fresh huckleberry branches are hand-assembled and beautifully accented with a striking fuchsia pink linen bow to create this graceful wreath that captures the charm and vitality of spring. Native to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, sweet huckleberry (also known as sweet huck) is a graceful shrub with bright green branches and leaves. 



Simple Installation 

Enjoy beautiful designs with functional efficiency through our easy-to-use hanger. Our wreaths resonate elegance in every aspect, from intricate autumn harvest arrangements to evocative Halloween decorations, ensuring effortless installation for a welcoming front door decor.

This beautiful Grand Harvest fall wreath is an amazing addition to our trending autumn collection and your front door, all while letting you celebrate Thanksgiving and the fall season in style. Hand-collected with fresh noble fir and cedar, it radiates natural, earthy beauty and a fragrant scent that will take you to a forest during the midst of autumn. The fall wreath is decorated with faux white pumpkins, fall leaves, and nuts, adding a touch of the harvest season to the design while natural thistles add the perfect rustic touches. To top it off, we add a luxurious dark-green velvet bow that incorporates elegance to the overall design. Hang this wreath on your front door to welcome guests or add it to your home decor inside and enjoy the cozy atmosphere it brings to your home.

Farewell to the Ordinary

Let Lynch Creek Farm transform your home into a cozy sanctuary with its exquisite fall wreath arrangements. Fall foliage-adorned autumn wreaths to white pumpkin-infused twig wreaths will become very trendy in the following years, you're sure to find the perfect match for your decorating ideas. Say goodbye to a drab doorway and hello to the warm embrace of extraordinary year-round living with stunning seasonal decor. Not only are there harvest wreaths for the fall seasons, but there are wreaths for every season and holiday, you may also take a look at our Christmas wreath collection for the upcoming season!