Stunning Outdoor Wreaths for Your Front Door

August 03, 2023  •  3 min read

Stunning Outdoor Wreaths for Your Front Door 

The front door probably gets left behind when you think about decorating for the many seasons and celebrations during the year. We always think of decorating our living rooms and entryways, but we don’t think about the outside of our home and what it says when we finally put up some decorations to celebrate the many occasions we enjoy during the year. Lynch Creek Farm has all the decorations you need for the many holidays we have throughout the year, including early celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, as well as later ones like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. They specialize in dazzling holiday decor that meets the needs of everyone who shops, from people who enjoy a more simplistic touch to their decorations to customers who enjoy going all out when it comes to vibrant decor. 

Outdoor Door Wreaths for Every Occasion

Lynch Creek Farm knows good front door decor, and we can guarantee each piece will top anything else you find on the market from Amazon, Wayfair, or even Etsy. For the outside of the door, outdoor decor from our holiday wreath collection is highly recommended. While these products are under the holiday section, you’ll find everything from autumn berry wreaths, shiny winter wreaths, and colorful Christmas wreaths to animal-inspired wreaths, beach-themed wreaths, and even religious outdoor wreaths to celebrate the reason for the season. Many of these come with beautiful, long-lasting decorations like red berries, pinecones, ornaments, and big linen and burlap bows.

Subtle Designs Perfect for a DIY Project at Home

A few of our neutral favorites for people who want a greenery wreath with minimal decor include Three Cedars, Blended Bay, and any of our Traditional wreaths. These are great options for a fun DIY project if you want to add a few decorations of your own. Our recommendations include magnolia leaves, some green leaves, wildflowers, lifelike fruits, LED lights, which we sell on our website, and wreath hangers to hang your creations up. These are for outdoor use and require only a little maintenance. Keep them outside and away from direct sunlight, preferably in the shade. If you want your front door wreaths to last longer, spritz some water on the ends, so the wreaths maintain moisture and health. 

Indoor Spring and Summer Decor for Your Walls or Front Door

Now, if you want to bring your decorations inside but still want to use the front door, our dried floral wreath collection is exactly what you’re looking for. This home decor collection features tons of new and handcrafted spring wreaths to celebrate every season of life you experience. You can find anything from a pumpkin grapevine wreath and lush, colorful spring flower wreaths to a beautiful sunflower wreath, lavender wreath, hydrangea wreath, and a gorgeous fall eucalyptus wreath. These are perfect for celebrating Easter and Halloween and can even be used as gifts for birthdays or other occasions. 

Each year, Lynch Creek Farm expands its shop with more seasonal decor meant for all styles and preferred designs. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant summer wreath or lovely spring decor to add to your walls, or you want to grab something for the holiday season to decorate the front porch, they really have everything you might need, so, as you search the market for your monthly decor to keep up with the changing time, head on over to Lynch Creek Farm’s website to peruse their bestselling collections as well as new products being introduced for the first time.