Summer, Fall, and Winter Window Wreaths

July 26, 2023  •  3 min read

Summer, Fall, and Winter Window Wreaths

It’s customary to see floral wreaths and holiday wreaths hanging on front doors, on staircases, and as wall decor inside your home, but a more entertaining way to decorate where even neighbors can enjoy your home decor is by placing a large, vibrant wreath on your window. Whether you choose to place your window wreath on the inside or the outside of your home in your living room or dining room, you’ll be setting the right tone for the holiday season on Your Windows

If you’re in the market for a hanging wreath, Lynch Creek Farm offers an overabundance of greenery wreaths used year-round for holidays such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Need an indoor Spring wreath with wildflowers, dried fruits, and herbs? We have tons of beautiful wreaths for you to choose from. Need a lush outdoor wreath created with colorful fall, winter, and holiday decorations? We have plenty of these options too. Not only do we sell indoor and outdoor wreaths, but we also specialize in creating other Christmas decorations like centerpieces, garlands, swags, and tabletop Christmas trees that’ll make you want to give home tours to guests throughout the holiday season

Winter Wreaths To Hang with Hooks, Wire, or a Hanger

If you’re looking for decorating ideas for the outside of the window, we recommend our outdoor wreath collection because it’s created to last longer outside with proper maintenance, which you can find instructions for on our site under “product care”. This collection comes with many winter and Christmas-themed wreaths perfect for hanging at the top of the window, the bottom of the window, or straight in the center of the window frame with either a wreath hanger, a few command hooks, or a fishing line installed to hold the weight of the wreath. 

If you don’t have any of these hooks or hangers, you can try using a hot glue gun on some wire, or a few suction cups to keep the product sitting evenly on your ceiling or roof. There are tons of possibilities on how you can hang your wreath, and a few tutorials online can help keep the product hanging for the entirety of the season. 


Fall and Christmas Wreath Recommendations 

A few Christmas wreath recommendations we have for decorating the exterior windows are Country Christmas, Brilliant Berries, Woodland Gnome, and Frozen Pine. These beautiful Christmas wreaths are created with pinecones, red bows and burlap bows, and multicolored berries that really bring the merry Christmas cheer to your home. Our fall recommendations for outdoor use include Country Chic, Magnolia Bay, Mountain Snowberry, and a few unique designs we can’t leave out like our Seaside Celebration, Lab Love, which comes in 3 colors, and Best in Show.

Indoor Dried Floral Wreath Options 

From our indoor collection, we have plenty of window decorations perfect for hanging for the Spring, Summer, and Fall holidays and events. Spring and Summer wreaths we highly recommend are Forever Zinnia, Sunflower Season, and Larkspur Love Gift Set. Autumn recommendations are the Autumn Eucalyptus, Farmland Fall, and Giving Thanks. This collection features stunning spring, and summer boxwood wreaths that are one-of-a-kind picks to displace in and around your home. 

Lynch Creek Farm has met decorating needs time and time again for last year's customers to this year and next year. Everything you want and need, from outdoor window wreaths to indoor holiday decor, and accessories like Christmas lights and wreath hangers are available and ready to hang on your walls and windows. Finding the right Christmas decor piece should be easy and enjoyable, which is where Lynch Creek Farm comes in. Unlike large shops like Amazon and Wayfair, we are present for every step of the process, from the initial idea to delivering you a prized piece you and your guests will be fascinated.