Table Centerpieces for Different Occasions

July 28, 2022  •  3 min read

Table Centerpieces for Different Occasions

A beautiful centerpiece can go a long way in decorating your living room or kitchen, especially for the holidays. They’re the perfect decoration to add to coffee tables, table runners on the dining room table, entryway spaces, and even on kitchen tables if you’re looking to add a little holiday sparkle to your home. Setting them next to table settings with a few candlesticks or even mason jars or tea lights can put together a lovely tablescape design for guests coming over for dinner. You’re not limited to using centerpieces as table decor on the dinner table, many people use them as decorative accents for wedding parties and baby showers. Whatever the reason you want to add a centerpiece to your home decor, Lynch Creek Farm is the only place you want to shop.

Classic and Christmas Centerpieces

At Lynch Creek Farm, we offer our customers over 50 unique and gorgeous centerpieces for different occasions. Most of the centerpieces you’ll find are Christmas-themed but we do offer other designs that, depending on your aesthetic and style, can be used as wedding decor or for other events in your life, like say a get-together for Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day or New Year's Eve. If you’re in the market for a winter wedding centerpiece, we have several that might be what you’re looking for. We offer a few table centerpieces that have beautiful gold accents in them and if that’s a common color theme in the holiday event you’re planning, these are the ones to look out for, Northwest Pillar, Golden Magnolia, and Radiant Holiday. These gleaming tabletop pieces have glowing decorations on them like pinecones, glittering bows, gold ornaments, and gold pillar candles.

Centerpiece made of noble fir, cedar, and pine with Australian pine cones, faux gold berry clusters, gold ball clusters, a spray of gold stars, a black velvet bow with gold flecks and edging, and an oval-shaped metallic gold plastic container on a wooden table


Silver and Gold Centerpieces for Different Celebrations

A few other notable pieces that can be used for other events outside of the holidays are Grandma's Cottage, which comes with a plaid bow, pinecones, red berry clusters, and a beautiful lantern, Cape Cod, an arrangement that comes in a small wooden barrel, a single white taper candle, white berry accents, and some pinecones, Radiant Holiday, which comes with a beautiful LED glass container and silver, gold, and brown decorations, as well as Snowberry Glow, a beautiful centerpiece that comes with greenery like real bay leaves, white snowberries, and a white LED candle. These are all great options to put on a fall or winter wedding table, dining table, or close to other decorations like a candle holder set, foliage in glass vases, and other flower arrangements to light the room and create the perfect ambiance.

Charming centerpiece in a wooden barrel with holly, pine cones, white berries and a white taper candle close up


Christmas Centerpieces for Your Home

For those looking to add a Christmas touch to their table decorations, a few popular centerpieces for the holidays are Pacific Bay Centerpiece, Christmas Vintage Truck, Northern Lights, and Classic Christmas. These lovely designs are perfect for the holidays. They not only have classic Christmas colors like green and red, but they also include decorations like ornaments, candles, and even farmhouse decor like a small vintage truck and red plaid bows.

Christmas centerpiece with holly, pine cones, red ornaments and a red pillar candle displayed on a kitchen counter


Tips and Tricks on How to Style a Tablescape with Your New Centerpiece

Many of our customers have gotten very creative over the years with their DIY dining table centerpiece designs and we want to give you a few tips and tricks ourselves. Candles and flameless lights are always good ideas to use when you want to decorate your space for something special. Whether it’s a glam party or a little more classic and simple, we suggest putting one of our centerpieces as a focal point around decorations like a flower vase or any floral arrangements, glass candles, and even serving trays with hors d'oeurves and snacks. Placemats and place cards can sit right alongside the decor and as long as the tea lights or candles are covered in clear glass containers, you can easily enjoy the extra light without worrying about anything like the tablecloth or place cards burning on accident. Florals are always complimentary when it comes to our centerpieces, and flowers like tulips, hydrangeas, orchids, and even eucalyptus can really help to pull the entire look together for a night that everyone will remember.