Thanksgiving Wreaths to Brighten Up Your Home

August 03, 2023  •  3 min read

Thanksgiving Wreaths to Brighten Up Your Home 

When Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s officially time to bring the holiday season to our homes with fall home decor. Sometimes this can overwhelm us, and we must do everything ourselves. We want to make it easier for you this year. Lynch Creek Farm has everything you need, from colorful centerpieces and swags to display on your front door to fragrant garlands and gorgeous wreaths created for all occasions and seasons to adorn your home with. Our fall wreath collection is extensive and brings you products created by our team with love and care. So, if you believe you have to create your own fall decor or the thought of going out and shopping for a harvest wreath is too much, we have everything you need to make your decision an easy one. 

Simple Yet Classic Front Door Wreaths 

While we love a good Thanksgiving DIY crafts station with glue guns and colorful decorations to get our creative juices flowing, sometimes decorating for the season needs to be the least of our worries which is why we want to guide you in the right direction and make it easy to choose the perfect autumn wreath to display as a door decoration. We’re not saying fall crafts are bad or that you need to put away your Thanksgiving crafts, but if you’re using them to create your decor around the house, we may have something a little better in mind. For the ones who love a modern and subtle touch to their decor, wreaths like Three Cedars, Deep Red Three Cedars, and Moss Green Blended Bay are all great choices because of their minimal designs and styles.



Pinecone Wreaths, Berry Wreaths, and Burlap Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door

If you’re looking for a bright design that’ll catch the attention of anyone walking by, here are a few of our recommendations: Magnolia Bay, Bittersweet Berries, Moss Green Pacific Sunset, and Cider Season. You will love these products if you love decorations like linen and burlap bows, pinecones, colorful fall leaves, acorns, and pumpkins. They present gorgeous fall colors with vibrant fall foliage decorations that you won’t get enough of. These options are all optimized to last longer outdoors. We recommend putting these beautiful wreaths on your front door to welcome in the season and anyone who visits your home. 




Indoor Thanksgiving Decor to Display Around Your Home 

For fall decor to use inside your home, we have a collection for you to choose from. Our dried floral wreath collection features many spring and summer flower wreaths like our sunflower wreath, lavender wreath, and hydrangea wreath, as well as autumn pieces perfect for displaying on the inside of your door or somewhere in your house. We offer a grapevine wreath that doubles as a pumpkin wreath or even a Halloween wreath if you want to get creative. We also offer an Autumn Eucalyptus wreath and several other wreaths with fall greenery and plants perfect for the autumn harvest season. 

Accessories to Decorate for Many Holidays Throughout the Year

We even sell hangers to make it easier to put up your fall decorations wherever you see fit. These indoor wreaths, perfect for all holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, or even Valentine’s Day, can be placed anywhere in your home, whether by the front door in the entryway, in your living room, or in the dining room where gorgeous decorations can accompany Thanksgiving dinner everyone will love. 

We know you have many options like Etsy or Amazon when shopping around for your seasonal decorations, but we also know how much effort and time we put into each piece we create at our farm. We love what we do and take pride in each product shipped out to you each season. We find innovative ways to continue our work each year while expanding our collection and offering you even more than the year before. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. You’ll find everything you need and more to have a happy Thanksgiving right on our website.