Vibrant Xmas Wreaths for the Holiday Season

April 27, 2022  •  3 min read

Vibrant Xmas Wreaths for the Holiday Season

Lynch Creek Farm has specialized in Christmas decor for many years and we know a thing or two about high quality and long-lasting decor. Not only do we know how to select the right materials to create elegance yet durable decor, but we also bring you gorgeous decorations with vibrant colors, fragrant greenery, and unique themes that celebrate more than just the Christmas season. We are the top one-stop shop for all of your decorating needs year-round.

Silver and Blue Winter Wreaths for the Changing Seasons

When you shop with us, you’ll find everything from tabletop Christmas trees, centerpieces, swags, and mixed pine Christmas garlands. On top of these beautiful home decor finds, you’ll also find our bestselling holiday wreaths that come in over 40 different themes and designs that fit many styles and aesthetics. When you search for your perfect wreath, you’ll come across winter wreaths like Merry Mint, Snowy Owl, Cobalt Christmas, Mountain Snowberry, and Woodland Bells. All of these lovely wreaths have some type of blue, silver, and white decorations, whether that be white berries, silver ornaments, snowflakes, or frosted bristles.

Lavish Christmas wreaths with Berries, Pinecones, and Bows

If you’re looking for a hearty Christmas wreath filled with red berries, burlap bows, and tons of pinecones, and red berry wreaths, styles like Brilliant Berries, Premium Red, Cascade Christmas, and Pacific Pepperberry are ones you need to keep an eye out for. If you’re looking for wreaths with minimal design, whether to add your own DIY decor or because you prefer simple styles, you’ll want to peruse wreaths like Blue Bow Traditional, Three Cedars, Star Bright, and Holiday Berries. We also have more rustic and country-inspired fir wreaths and pinecone wreaths that include decorations like plaid burlap bows, big pinecones, magnolia leaves, and ornaments. If that’s more your style, wreaths like Country Christmas, Wildlife Adventure, Magnolia Bay, and Country Chic are perfect.

Where to Place Your New Holiday Decor

Your new holiday decor can be placed pretty much anywhere you see fit. Our fresh evergreen wreaths last longer if they are placed outdoors, either on the front door, on a fence outside, or on a tree. If you already have front door decor and you’re looking to decorate the inside of your home, you can place your fresh Christmas wreath in the entryway to greet guests, on a wreath hanger on the wall, or somewhere in your living room, just be aware that your wreath will last longer if it’s placed outside. You’re also welcome to decorate your wreath if you have decorating ideas of your own. We encourage creativity and invite you to find your own favorite Christmas decorations like Christmas ornaments, warm white lights, snowmen, multicolored LED lights, flowers like poinsettias, tinsel, and anything else to decorate your wreath with.

The holiday season will be upon us before you know it, and whether you’re looking for gift ideas, housewarming gifts, or some beautiful decorations to add to your own home decor collection, we want to invite you to make Lynch Creek Farm your home decor provider. We promise you, you won’t regret the change and you’ll come to Lynch Creek Farm time and time again for all of your home decorating needs!