Wreath Ideas For Every Time of Year

August 17, 2023  •  3 min read

Wreath Ideas For Every Time of Year

Wreaths have a magical way of bringing the beauty of the outdoors into our homes, transforming spaces with their natural charm. From the vibrant blossoms of spring to the cozy greenery of winter, natural wreaths are versatile home decor pieces that can enhance any corner of your living space. Come with us as we explore creative decorative wreath ideas for each season, including tips for placement and how to go beyond the traditional front door display. Get ready to discover how wreaths can become an artful expression of your home decor all year round.

Florals For Spring 

As spring blooms, dried flower wreaths become a beautiful option for bringing multicolor wildflowers, green leaves, and springtime feelings inside. Lavender Delight Gift Set, a Lavender Wreath that exudes a soothing aroma, while hydrangea wreaths add a touch of elegance. Crafted with care, these wreaths infuse your living room or entryway with a burst of color and fragrance, instantly uplifting your home decor.

Dried Floral Wreaths For Your Home

When purchasing dried floral wreaths, think beyond the front door. Dried spring wreaths are delicate due to their handcrafted natural materials. Instead of hanging dried wreaths outside or even on inside doors inside, opt for a wall instead. Small wreaths also look great displayed as a centerpiece and can act as a candle holder when taper candles are set inside the circle. Unlike artificial wreaths, dried flower, and greenery wreaths are a more eco-friendly and interesting way to decorate your home.

Summer Decor

Embrace the lazy days of summer with our Forever Eucalyptus wreath or wreaths adorned with dried green leaves. Their breezy, laid-back vibe brings a relaxed charm to any wall decor. We also love utilizing summer flowers in our hydrangea wreaths and sunflower wreaths. If celebrating Independence Day, a red, white, and blue wreath is the perfect touch! Late summer is a great time to hang myrtle wreaths that resemble boxwood wreaths. Magnolia leaves and dry grasses can also make beautiful additions to leaves wreaths.

Autumnal Wreaths 

As autumn arrives, turn your attention to wreaths that evoke the essence of harvest. Dried grasses and leaves create a rustic, cozy atmosphere. Some of our favorite autumnal dried wreaths are our October Harvest, which is a grapevine wreath with dried mini pumpkins and reindeer moss, and our Bittersweet Berries, which is an orange berry wreath with a lush evergreen base. If DIY-ing a wreath at home, create a base of greenery and add found pinecones and acorns.

Evergreen Wreaths for Winter

With the weather turning cooler, it's time to opt for handcrafted evergreen wreaths adorned with festive elements such as red bows, pinecones, greenery, berries, and holiday baubles. At Lynch Creek Farm, we carry a wide selection of handcrafted evergreen wreaths you can order this holiday season. These wreaths symbolize the spirit of the holiday season and add an inviting touch to your living space. Hang them on your front door or create a welcoming entryway display that captures the magic of winter.

Some of our Christmas best sellers include The Traditional, featuring a bright red bow and pinecones, and the Farmhouse Holiday, with its red metal stars and faux holly berries. Our evergreen wreaths are sturdy enough to be used as front door wreaths, making them perfect for the holiday season.

Wreaths Make A Unique Gift

Wreaths make for memorable gifts, especially as the holiday season approaches. Delight your loved ones with fresh, handcrafted wreaths that infuse their homes with the beauty of nature. Christmas wreaths adorned with festive embellishments like berries, pinecones, and bows are a delightful way to spread joy. If sending a small wreath, consider turning it into a wreath frame by adding a photo inside.

Wreaths are more than just front door decor; they're an embodiment of the changing seasons and a reflection of your personal style. From the delicate blossoms of spring to the hearty greenery of winter, wreaths have the power to transform any space into a cozy haven. Whether you're exploring the Lynch Creek Farm website for new arrivals and best sellers or trying your hand at DIY creations, wreaths offer a canvas for creativity and accessibility to nature's wonders.