LED Cross Lights - Set of 3

Product Begins Shipping: July 8, 2024

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Cast a beautiful light in your home, church, or any outdoor space with these graceful LED Cross Lights. Sold as a set of 3, these beautiful cross-shaped micro LED white lights radiate a soft inviting glow and add a touch of serenity to any setting. Easy to use and display, they are battery powered and have a build in timer. Display them outdoors or indoors, any time of the year. With their elegant shape and illumination, their graceful light will softly brighten any space. Each cross comes with an automatic timer; once turned on, it stays on for 6 hours, then automatically turns itself off and will light up again at the same time the next day, repeating this cycle until you turn it off. Requires three AA batteries (not included). Each cross measures about 12" wide x 15" tall.

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$42.95 each

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