Frosted Blueberry Wreath

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  • Frosted Blueberry Wreath
  • Frosted Blueberry Wreath
  • Frosted Blueberry Wreath
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Grace your front door or home with our simply gorgeous Frosted Blueberry Wreath. Incredibly versatile, this wreath works perfectly for fall as well as the holiday season and all through winter. Lifelike blueberries in various sizes are beautifully clustered together on layered branches to create this full and lush faux 24" wreath. The blue berries are lightly frosted with a gorgeous weathered effect. Their deep, rich blue coloring creates a truly elegant look. They are assembled on a natural twig base. Carefree and easy to maintain, this wreath works outdoors or in, so you can display it on your front door, above a mantel, or on a wall. Sturdy and high-quality, it can be enjoyed for years to come. Measures approximately 24" across and 4" thick.

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