Graceful Green Set of 3 Trees

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  • Graceful Green Set of 3 Trees
  • Graceful Green Set of 3 Trees
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Bring the peace and beauty of an evergeen forest into your home with these Graceful Green Set of 3 Trees. Three lovely green trees will add a touch of natural interest to your holiday decor with their simple grace and elegance. Made from wood, they can be arranged separately or together, adding winter charm to any holiday scene. Three different sizes, ranging from 9.9" to 18" tall, provide endless possibilities of how and where to arrange them. Set them on a mantle, coffee table, dining room table, or anywhere you need added rustic, woodland beauty. These enchanting trees wil be a favorite seasonal decoration for this holiday season and the ones to come. This set of trees measure 9.9", 13.8", and 18" tall, and 3.75" to 5.63" wide.

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