Majestic Elegance Set of 2 Reindeer

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  • Majestic Elegance Set of 2 Reindeer
  • Majestic Elegance Set of 2 Reindeer
  • Majestic Elegance Set of 2 Reindeer
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Create a gorgeous holiday display with our Majestic Elegance Set of 2 Reindeer. Setting a graceful scene, these reindeer will beautifully accent any home decor style. One majestic reindeer stands proudly while the second reindeer sits peacefully in this stunning set. Each one wears a collar of jingle bells around its neck for a classic holiday touch. Made of resin, these figurines are solid and quite sturdy. They have a timeless style and will be enjoyed for many years. Off-white in color with a white-washed finish, they can be displayed in any room in the home. The standing deer measures 11.75" tall x 7.75" long while the sitting deer measures 7.75" tall x 7.25" long.

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$59.95 each

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